Cloisonne Enamel Jewelry By Enamel Jewelry Designer, Patsy Croft    (205) 478-9977    
  • Champleve Enamel Bracelet and Ring in 18k Gold with Diamonds and Opals
  • Champleve Enamel Bracelet and Ring in 18k Gold with Diamonds and Opals
  • Queen 'Bird of Paradise' Necklace
  • Pilque a Jour Impatience Pendant
  • Pathos Earrings
  • Plique a Jour Pitcher Plant
  • Nautilus Pendant
  • Chased Bird of Paradise with Plique a Jour Necklace
  • Double Bird of Paradise Necklace
  • Spring Flower Earrings
  • Big Fish Little Fish Pendant
  • Carnivale 11 Earrings
  • Cloisonne Necklace in 3D 'Black Pearl'
  • Hibiscus Pendant
  • Noche Bella Earrings
  • Yerba Buena Earrings

What is Cloisonné?

Cloisonne, a fine art of Enamel Jewelry, is created through an ancient process of combining 24k gold wire with finely ground enamels over a base of pure silver. The enamel cloisonne jewel endures repeated firings after skillful placement of ribbons of gold wiring that form the image and layers of enamels are laid down to achieve this look of pristine depth and beauty. Once the firing is complete, the Cloisonne Enamel Jewelry are set in designs of 18k gold and precious stones.

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One of a Kind Handmade Enamel Jewelry

“As an Enamel Jewelry Artist, in our throwaway society, I create fine enamel jewelry, one of a kind jewels that speak of permanence and striking beauty”


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