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Birth of The Dragon

Birth of The Dragon

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I was honored this past year to collaborate with Elisa Melegari a jewelry designer, in making a jewel called the “The Dragon” for client Whoopi Goldberg.

“The Dragon” is a bracelet and ring combo, that was influenced by the jewel designed by Alphonse Mucha and executed by George Fouquet, “The Serpent” 1899 for Sarah Bernhardt. Shown on the left.

It began with the drawing by Elisa Melegari, a young NY jewelry artist. The client approved. She had visioned this jewel for 20 years whithout finding anyone to execute it for her.

Cast in silver to insure fit and comfort before moving to gold.

With great friends in the industry I was able to create just the right team. And the execution of the design creation began! Kathy Drake for additional wax work, Master jeweler Tom Herman for the hinge design and execution. Brian Reed  for the casting

After the fitting, the client felt the head needed to move to add comfort, so a hinge was added under the head.

Time to cast in gold, chase the details and enamel…

…enameling the head from the bracelet…

…enameling the ring…

…add a couple of opal eyes…

And away the jewel goes to the teams’ Master stone setter, Drew Hadley

It was an awesome job by all!

Delivered to a happy client.

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