Cloisonne Jewelry

Hibiscus Earrings

Hibiscus Earrings

Hibiscus Earrings are a cloisonne jewelry piece created by Patsy Croft. It belongs to a custom cloisonne collection of amazing enamel jewelry with unique jewelry designs.


As an enamel jewelry artist I love making jewels! And these are my favorite style of cloisonné jewelry of enameled earrings . You wonder why? Yes? Well let me tell you a little about the technique of enameling.

The jewel has to be enameled on both sides of the metal you choose to work on.  So why not make both sides filled with cloisonné, beautiful and unique! Take a look at these earrings. My design represents a flower opening on the front of the jewel with stamens of gold. On the opposite of the jewel the flower is open, showing off it’s beautiful personallity. The cell of enamel in this jewel are over filled giving the flower dimension. Like the flower is blooming right out of the surface.

This design of cloisonné earrings took me several years of experimenting. My desire was to create a jewel with no solder. Any joint, or part of jewelry has to be adhered together in metal smithing with solder. Enamels do not like solder. This is because solder contains other products than pure metals enamels only like pure metal.

In cloisonné which is my favorite style of enameling, you usually build a setting after you create an  the enameled piece. In my early days of enameling during the setting process I cracked the enamel jewel. If this happened it would require me to take it apart, repair the enamel jewel and reset. This lead me to design a non-soldered jewel that I could simply enamel and enjoy!

The accenting jewels of the cloisonné hibiscus earrings are the drops of rubies. Red is the clients color. You know red is the challenge of enamel colors to achieve. Beautiful Hibiscus Earrings in Cloisonné.




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