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Express your individuality by wearing extraordinary original art. Patsy Croft jewels are just that, one of a kind enamel jewelry pieces that speak of permanence and striking beauty.


After coming across a shipwreck coin that I wanted to do something different with, I began searching many “beach town” jewelry shops and then went online to contact Patsy Croft. She really came through for me! After discussing some of my ideas and some collaboration we landed on the octopus enveloping the coin! I wanted to somehow blend the coin with my love of sea life and this idea nailed it! The design, the color and detail were exactly what I was hoping for and she kept me close in the process the whole time so I could see the final look coming together. Thank you again, I will treasure this!


Hibiscus Earrings | Cloisonne Jewelry | Enamel Jewelry

Patsy’s work is truly unique. The brilliant colors, the attention to detail from every angle makes for a very special piece of jewelry. I love the pieces she has made me - they make me feel beautiful when I wear them, almost as beautiful as they are!


Soliel Butterfly Necklace | Custom Enamel Pendant | Cloisonné

I got it! It is SO beautiful.. so much prettier than on your website and it is gorgeous on your website. I will take good care of it, and know I will enjoy wearing it. Butterflies are my favorite. It has such depth and the colors are wonderful.


The Mighty Tree | Gold Enamel Ring | Celtic Jewelry

The Mighty Tree reaches for the sky as the sun marks the dawn of a new day. Providing inspiration for mine. On my finger every day, Thank you!


Champleve Butterfly | Custom Pendant | Cloisonné Necklace

Thank you for bringing my Nana's butterfly back to me. The likeness to the first Cloisonne butterfly is remarkable. It Definitely has her energy!


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Mastering the process of creating cloisonne jewelry is not an easy thing to do. There’s so much history behind the art of cloisonne. The artistic influence and creativity of an individual artist combine to make cloisonne custom jewelry such an exciting art skill to develop.

I always believe that best way to learn is by example. So follow me as I go from sketches to the final unique 18K gold jewelry piece from my OCEAN  enamel jewelry collection.

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Unique Gold Jewelry


  • Creation of The Mandrill for Andre 3000

    Andre Benjamin of Outkast called me after seeing my unique jewelry designs in an Atlanta gallery. He was just finishing up his Grammy winning album "SpeakerBoxx/The Love Below" and was wanting a unique enamel jewel for the occasion. After discussing some his favorite animals, the process of creating an enamel jewelry pendant called "MANDRILL" began!...

  • Matilija Poppy Brooch

    With fellow metal smiths coming together and lending hands to Tom Herman and Patsy Croft, they all created this beautiful plique a jour jewelry piece of 18k gold and fine enamels. This gold enamel jewelry piece was auctioned by Sotheby’s in their "Majestic Jewels Auction " April 17, 2019!...