Custom jewelry and one-of-a-kind jewelry treasures can’t be beaten.

A Valentine’s Day Gift for Her that Lasts Forever

A Valentine’s Day Gift for Her that Lasts Forever


Your love story is a one-of-a-kind romantic tale. That’s why you want to give her (or him)  a Valentine’s Day gift that will last forever, just as you hope your love will. Everyone orders flowers from the florist’s shop and picks up a box of Godiva chocolates on the way home from work on Cupid’s favorite holiday. And, those are welcoming gifts.

But, if you want something that really shows her how much you’re committed to her, a one-of-a-kind custom jewelry piece will more than express your love for her. An elegant, artistic, high-end work of jewelry art is something she’ll want to show off again and again. And you’ll get all the credit.

Valentine’s Day Wasn’t Always a Storybook Romance

The first unofficial Valentine’s Day was fraught with more turmoil than we typically associate with the lover’s holiday. Legend says that St. Valentine was imprisoned in Rome for residing over weddings for soldiers. He was a romantic at heart and the soldiers were forbidden by law to marry. The imprisoned Valentine was also a Christian martyr who was persecuted by the Emperor.

St. Valentine had a secret love – the blind daughter of the judge who oversaw his conviction. St. Valentine wrote a love letter to her before his execution and signed it “Your Valentine.” It is said that he miraculously restored her sight from the grave.

Pope Gelasius I later established February 14 as Valentine’s Day, in honor of St. Valentine. Later in the 14th century, poet Geoffrey Chaucer’s Parliament of Fowls is credited for the more modern romantic tradition of Valentine’s Day. The poem gives an account of a group of birds that gathered early in the spring to choose mates. The day, originally called ‘seynt valentynes day’ became Valentine’s Day as we know it, on February 14.

And ever since then, romantics and poets everywhere mark the day to celebrate a special love with their beloved. 

One-of-a-Kind Jewelry Creations are Great Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her or Him

One-of-a-kind jewelry isn’t just for her. I also create stunning jewelry pieces for him. I also create couples jewelry – matching sets for both him and her.

Imagine surprising her with an enamel jewelry pendant that has her favorite flower on it – a hibiscus! Oh, she may love working in her tropical garden, but imagine giving her an heirloom jewel that can be passed down to the next generation. Imagine her pride and joy when she unwraps her present on Valentine’s Day.

Maybe she holds her breath every time she sees a Bird of Paradise flower on full display. She’d love this artisan-made Bird of Paradise cloisonne pendant.

Let’s not forget that the modern guy loves adornment as well. A surfer might love a surfer pendant, or the modern cosmopolitan gent who is an abstract art lover would truly appreciate his own abstract jewelry masterpiece.

What’s great about one-of-a-kind jewelry is that there’s truly no limit to the artistic expression and personal sentiment that can be conveyed.

Whether it’s hip hop jewelry, Hawaiian jewelry, floral enamel jewelry, Oceanic jewelry, or whatever your mind can conceive, it can likely be done. And it will be a gift that is treasured forever.

Custom Jewelry is Jewelry Like None Other

My custom jewelry is made from gorgeous, colorful enamels that are set in solid gold. I begin with a solid gold wire setting that I fashion and then layer in handpainted cells until I’ve created a picture. Often, my jewels are floral masterpieces, pay homage to animals or the environment, or have a significant meaning to a couple. They truly are works of art – jewelry works of art.

Jewelry for women these days is often replicated again and again. What’s more, the materials aren’t as well made as they once were. So it’s rare that the craftsmanship is solid enough that something will have lasting value.

I’m meticulous about selecting only the finest quality materials for my handmade jewelry. And there’s no limit to the design I can create. I’ve created a Dragon bracelet for Whoopi Goldberg, a Mandrill jewelry pendant for Hip Hop artist Andre 3000, and jewelry that conveyed a simple but poignant meaning from the gift giver to the receiver.

Custom jewelry is jewelry that is created from a collaboration of ideas between you and me – your jewelry artist. It’s something that will leave an imprint on her heart forever.

If you want a special and unique Valentine’s Day gift for her or him, one-of-a-kind or custom jewelry is the answer. Commission your piece soon.

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