Patsy Croft


My cloisonne custom jewelry portfolio showcases my outstanding collection of custom enamel and gold artisan made jewelry. I create jewelry for the discerning woman or gent who desires something extraordinary. My handmade jewelry designs cover it all: Statement pieces, heirloom jewelry, eclectic gems, jewelry works of art, and bejeweled and bedazzling jewels that’ll make you swoon.

My Cloisonne Jewelry Portfolio Contains Works of Art

Today’s massively produced jewelry is nothing special. Between cheap alloys and metals, machines producing jewels in mass quantities, and designs that aren’t much different from another, it’s hard to justify spending thousands of dollars on store-purchased jewelry.

On the other hand, my cloisonne jewelry is an ancient art form rarely utilized by any true custom jewelry artist today.

I spent years to perfect my technique to achieve a jeweled representation of a fine work of art. That’s exactly what my one-of-a-kind custom jewelry is. They are works of art layered in a solid gold setting that acts as an art canvas for me.

Preserve a Lasting Sentiment With a Cloisonne Custom Jewelry Piece

I’ve been fortunate to work with clients from all over the world. My clients are people who revere the finer things in life but also appreciate sentimentality. Many came to me with specific requests for custom jewelry that represented a moment in time for them.

Some people preserve their memories in photographs. But, the most special memories are often lived in the moment and missed by photos. They are captured in our hearts as a lasting memory that we want to preserve forever.

I’ve done just that for many of my clients. Many have a memory or a fondness that they wanted to be reflected in one of my intricate jewelry designs. Most of my clients love that their ideas are brightly displayed in colorful enamel that I meticulously incorporate into my cloisonne jewelry designs.

I’d love for my next cloisonne jewelry portfolio piece to be yours. Just submit a custom order and consider it done.

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