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Custom Cloisonné Jewelry Portfolio

Fall in Love with Cloisonné

Cloisonné Stunning Custom Designed Enamel and Solid Gold Jewellery

Fall in Love with Cloisonné Jewelry

Imagine owning your very own Cloisonné jewelry, bespoke to your style and personality. From dramatically bold statement pieces that people instantly admire, to intricate delicate jewelry featuring an array of sparkling enamel-style gems that turn heads. My cloisonne jewelry designs feature incredible artisan works that you will fall in love with.

As well as my collection of elegant jewellery, I can create a one-of-the-kind jewel for you or for your loved one, crafted from enamel with premium quality solid gold.  Here you can browse through my cloisonné jewelry portfolio and select a design that you like. I can create a similar piece of fine enamel jewelry to make it your own heirloom jewel or we can capture your imagination and create your very own.

Handmade Pieces, Lovingly Crafted

Every single Cloisonné  jewelry piece is carefully designed and handcrafted by me using this ancient technique that cannot be replicated in mass-produced factories.  Cloisonne is about marking precious jewels and about this unique precision workmanship in each individual piece.

Meticulous Design

Owning a piece of cloisonne is extra-special.  It is rare, distinctive and stands the test of time. If in London  visit the Victoria and Albert Museum for a world class collection of Cloisonne jewel and see what I mean.

I see my custom cloisonné designs as an artist’s collection each piece telling its own story.

Isn’t it time you gave yourself the gift of enameled jewelry that will last forever?

Tell a Beautiful Story

I have always envisaged my creations to mark special occasions, to make memories so that when worn, the memory magically reappears!  Cloisonné allows that memory to live on. Every time a piece of my collection is worn, it invites attention and the story is re-told again and again.  When you receive the gift of Cloisonné jewelry, you hold the story close to your heart which is what makes the pieces so very extraordinary.

Cloisonne enamel on jewelry harmonizes with cherished lifetime experiences, a reminder of times gone by, never to be forgotten.

If you have a special request for jewellery, perhaps Cloisonné earrings or other enamel jewelry, my greatest pleasure is to craft something bespoke for you.

Why Choose Cloisonné?

My jewelry is the perfect gift for any woman or the man in your life.

  • It is bespoke to you, capturing a wonderful lifetime moment or to reflect someone’s unique personality
  • It is original, one- of a -kind and handmade.
  • It’s show-stopping with depth of color, imaginative design and intricate detail that demands to be noticed!
  • It is the highest possible quality. I use this ancient technique that is timeless.
  • Cloisonné is heirloom, my pieces are created for many lifetimes to enjoy and  be handed down to the next generation and the next, with each piece’s unique story becoming a piece of rich family history.

The Element of Choice

I pride myself in being able to create what you dream of. From a pair of delicate enamel earrings that catch the light as you move, to a graceful pendant that creates a focal point for a fabulous neckline. Perhaps a generously sized dress ring for special occasion or a gorgeous brooch that symbolizes the romance of a milestone.

Cloisonné Enamelled Jewelry for Men

I create stylish men’s cloisonné jewelry and I have styled numerous handsome cufflinks for husbands, fathers, brothers, sons or partners to depict life moments. Or maybe you would like to celebrate his incredible occasion, or reflect the recipient’s individual personality.

Enjoy My Life’s Work

What makes my jewelry stand out is that my clients almost always have a sentimental life moment or a special love that they want to be kept in mind.  I like hearing those stories and using them as my inspiration. When my clients receive their ideas, crafted into a rainbow of colorful enamel, they are always thrilled with the result.

That is the biggest compliment of all especially as my customers usually return again, with other commissions.  This is a testimony to what I can do for you, and I feel honored when asked to make another head-turning custom Cloisonné piece.

I would love your jewelry piece to be my next commission.

Fall in love with enamel Cloisonne jewelry and submit your custom order here.

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