My portfolio of custom earrings capture my love for the natural world. I’m a jewelry artist who is passionate about the environment. My ladies earrings emulate the essence of my subjects as I create cloisonné jewelry for the sophisticated modern woman who desires statement pieces that attract attention. Luxurious and mesmerizing with a touch of panaché, you’ll treasure my gold earrings for years to come.


The vibrant colors in these lily-inspired cloisonné earrings are the quintessential portrait of a perfect spring day. These Lilium earrings are a favorite.


These double-sided earrings display two visions. First, elegant orchids as seen from a bee’s perspective. On the other, an orchid in snow.

Custom Earrings Are My Specialty

My custom earrings are for the woman with distinctive taste. Bold and alluring, all of my cloisonné jewelry tells a story and these cloisonné earrings are no exception. Each earring set in my portfolio is created from a unique vision that is captured on a fine gold canvas, then painted with the finest enamels on the market.

As a jewelry artisan, I love designs that are reflective of the environment and all the beauty within.

I’ve created gold earrings that capture the essence of:

  • animal life
  • marine life
  • the floral world
  • the oceanic world

There’s so much life that I want to embody in my cloisonne jewelry. I feel I have so much left to create in stories that have not been told.

That’s why I’m so passionate about my custom jewelry commissions. Each assignment tells a story of its giver and recipient that is meant to be passed down to the younger generations. Contemporary heirloom jewels are a rarity in today’s world. I’m so fulfilled knowing that I’m helping to fill this void in the modern landscape.

Contact me for your own unique set of enamel custom earrings. Let’s tell your story together!

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