Custom Necklace Pendants

Creating one-of-a-kind artisan jewelry and custom necklace pendants are where I thrive as an artist. My high-end jewelry designs captivate and enthrall clients all over the world. These unique gems capture my passion for the environment and all living things, whether at sea or land. My custom jewels are highly sought after by Hollywood celebrities and contemporary women who have an insatiable desire for perfection and luxury.

Abstract Pendant in Cloisonne

This custom cloisonne pendant is an example of my more abstract work. It's museum quality and guaranteed to last for years to come.

Custom Enamel Orange Poppy Necklace

This beautiful enamel pendant is an example of my floral work. Made from enamels and gold, "Orange Poppy" is an exemplary example of cloisonne craftsmanship.

Elegant Beauty Yellow Rose Cloisonné Jewelry 

This piece was created for a loving wife as a special anniversary gift from her husband. During the conceptual phase of the project he mentioned that he called her "his yellow rose" and the rest is custom jewelry-making history.


All of my custom pendants and gold necklaces in my portfolio are works of art that my clients will treasure forever. Of even greater significance is that they are timeless heirlooms that will be passed on to the younger generations of the family. 

My custom jewels are artful designs that are intricately detailed and created using old world techniques that result in contemporary ideas. The lustrous and colorful jewels become treasures of a lifetime.

I’m blessed to have worked with wonderful clients all over the world who wanted a custom jewel like none other. These enamel necklace pendants were collaborative projects between my clients and myself.  Each client wanted a jewelry maker that would make their vision come to life. 

Many of the themes involved a favorite vacation spot or a memory. Some of the colorful cloisonne pendants conveyed an appreciation for a favorite natural element, such as the ocean, an animal held in high esteem, or the love of a flower.

All were loved by their recipients and will be treasured forever. That’s the beauty of custom jewelry and solid gold necklaces handcrafted and painted with high-quality enamels that become wearable art.


Embrace the beautiful moments of your life. Commission me to create a meaningful gold necklace and a custom pendant for you or your loved one. You have a unique story to tell, one that is all your own. Your story becomes part of your legacy. Why not preserve that legacy in a unique, tailor-made custom jewelry piece like a pendant necklace?

I’ve created an array of bold and colorful enamel jewelry pieces that recreate a memory or a moment in time. Many of those memories are of seasons in a person’s life that they still treasure today.

I passionately create these pieces with pride, knowing that I’m creating something deeply personal and worthwhile. 

Have you thought about having your own custom jewel or pendant created for you or your beloved? Is there an older concept you’d like to give new birth to? Is there a cherished moment in time that you’d like to honor?

We can get started on your original creation today. Your pendant necklace is a collaborative effort between you and me — your designer and jewelry maker. Let’s turn your dream jewel into a beautiful reality.

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