Custom Rings

Romantic. Sophisticated. Mesmerizing. These words describe my custom rings and wedding rings designs. A once-in-a-lifetime love deserves a one-of-a-kind enamel ring to commemorate your union. Commission timeless gold rings to convey your passion or love. My custom jewelry is a must when you want the finer things in life. Unique enamel rings can set it apart. 

Bird of Paradise Wedding Rings

These two pieces were designed by the couple. They had rough ideas of what they were looking for and gave Patsy some designs to follow. She was able to implement their ideas into a working design which suited their individual personalities. The final result was better than they ever could have imagined!


Ivy Love is a set of custom wedding bands I made in 2007. Though they aren’t as colorful as my custom enamel jewelry, these unique wedding bands still required a master’s touch. Made from 18k gold, these beautiful rings feature diamond leaves and hand-carved ivy stems.


This Trees of Life enamel Celtic design ring was created for a friend who loved the beauty of the Earth. The 18K Gold hand engraved ring is a wonderful homage to the environment.

Wedding Rings That Set You Apart

Most of the requests I’ve received for custom rings have been wedding rings. If you think about it, you can walk into any jewelry store and you’ll find hundreds of wedding rings. Many are probably even great quality gold rings. But, when it comes right down to it, there’s not much that’s special about them. Plus, the same rings are likely to be showcased in many jewelry stores, which means they’re not unique at all.

Why would any couple that is betrothed want ordinary rings for an extraordinary love?

One of the hardest things when choosing wedding rings is that it’s difficult to find one that exactly matches the personalities of you and your spouse. You both deserve the ultimate dream ring, one that really personifies your love and artfully conveys your individual personas.

My custom rings are the perfect solution. In this way, you’re in charge of choosing a design that perfectly expresses your love for one another.

Quality Solid Gold Rings Meet the Art of Enamel

What sets my custom rings apart is that much of my design revolves around ornamentally etched gold and the captivating art of enamel. Your design can stay within the realm of traditional solid gold rings or we can add an enamel design that reflects something meaningful about your love.

Once you commission me to create the ultimate set of wedding rings, you’re able to relax in knowing you’ve made the best decision. You’ll save time, frustration, and anxiety over finding and choosing the right rings.

Solid gold rings are expensive to begin with. You’ll be paying lots of money to commemorate the most important event in your life. So, why not get what you really want?

Custom Rings as Individual as You Are

With custom rings, you have control over the design, the colors, stones, size, shape – everything! You can pull ideas from other rings you’ve seen and use them to create the crème de la crème. The wedding rings you’ve only been able to dream about – until now.

When your custom wedding rings are delivered, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice. It’ll be more beautiful you could ever hope.

Commission Your Custom Designed Ring

Wedding rings aren’t the only type of custom rings I design and create. I can make a ring for any occasion, whether it be an anniversary ring, birthday ring or any other holiday. And if you’re just looking for the perfect gift that will “Wow” your loved one, I don’t think anything will do it better than a unique custom ring just for him or her.

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