Custom Collection Cloisonné Jewelry Portfolio

My cloisonne jewelry portfolio is a stunning collection of unique custom jewelry. Most are pieces that I was commissioned to create for elite clients who entrusted me with their vision.


My fine art jewelry is a combination of high-end jewelry, custom design, and wearable art. They are pieces that any serious jewelry or art collector would be proud to have in their private jewelry collection.


My Jewelry Portfolio is a Collection of Artful Designs

My custom jewelry process uses old-world techniques and designs to transform cloisonne jewelry into modern heirloom treasures. Each gem in my jewelry portfolio is a masterpiece and showcases natural elegance as depicted in my enameling and metalwork.


Whether it’s the Matilija Poppy brooch, the Enchanting Pitcher Plant necklace, or my Wings in Flight butterfly earrings, each represents an object that has been my muse at one time or another. 


From delicate designs to bold, alluring works of art, my custom cloisonne jewelry is the result of unbridled artistic inspiration. Each of these timeless jewels tells a narrative to its beholder. 


My exclusive collection of these one-of-a-kind-jewels is one of my most proud accomplishments as a jewelry artist and designer.

Entrust Me to Create Your Cloisonne Jewelry Piece

For timeless elegance, superb artistry, and unique jewelry design, entrust me with creating the jewel of your dreams. My cloisonné jewelry is museum-quality art that you would be proud to show off. And, I’d love to add it to my jewelry portfolio.


As a master goldsmith and award-winning enamelist, I’ve collaborated with many of the most renowned jewelry designers in the country. I’d love to know more about your vision and bring it to life through a unique cloisonne jewelry piece.


I can also take an heirloom gemstone and incorporate it into the design I create for you. Maybe it’s the sapphire from your great-grandmother’s ring that’s just a tad bit too small for you to wear? Or, perhaps it’s an emerald from your great-grandmother’s Irish wedding ring? Combining an heirloom stone with my custom design will only make your commissioned piece all the more extraordinary.


I’d love to add your custom jewelry piece to my portfolio of exquisite jewels. Will your one-of-a-kind ring, necklace, pendant, or earrings be the next exclusive cloisonne jewel I create?

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