Patsy Croft


I am a cloisonne jewelry artist, master diver, photographer, watercolorist, goldsmith and a teacher. I create art that represents my passion for the earth and all things to be held precious. I am committed to doing my part to help the environment, and therefore, I donate 10% of all my sales to environmental groups. Contact me for your one-of-a-kind cloisonne jewelry.

My Cloisonne Jewelry Collection

Why I love creating cloisonne jewelry?

As a cloisonne jewelry artist I have been very fortunate to visit a large part of the wondrous beauty of our planet. Traveling and often living abroad, I’ve seen gardens, wilds, mountain ranges, and shores of majestic brilliance. Certified as an advanced diver, I’ve seen our ocean at it’s dazzling best.

All of these events in my life have also shown me the prolific waste and excess of our society. I create cloisonné jewelry, I study beauty, and this waste and over-consumerism impacts me profoundly. Therefore, I am committed to create cloisonné jewelry as an art that lasts, is timeless, and resonates quality. My work is one-of-a-kind gold jewelry that will be cherished as family heirloom. It speak to permanence, with striking natural beauty, and adornment to set the wearer apart.

I started my artistic career as a pen and ink artist; drawing lines was my passion, all was black and white. Norman Rockwell had long been my idol. Then my family moved to Hawaii, and Hawaii made colors explode. It’s like a Candyland for artists. There are colors everywhere – the fish, the coral, the birds, the flowers. My love for the ocean and nature blossomed. I knew there and then that I could paint these beautiful colors inside my lines and make my art come alive with cloisonné jewelry. I had knowledge of unique jewelry artwork called cloisonné years before and living in Hawaii gave all those lines and color a purpose.

In this remote locale, I found no instructors in cloisonné or metal smithing of fine jewels, so I set out to teach myself. With one book in hand I studied how to apply the colors to my metalwork. And here was born my new passion, cloisonné jewelry. My business name Alohi Lani, meaning Heavenly Light, dedicated to bring awareness to Nature, and this tremendous gift that God has given us.

Cloisonne Jewelry making process explained

Cloisonné jewelry is an amazingly detailed and complex process. Using thin 24k gold wire, I draw my lines on the metal. Followed by many applications of minutely fine grains of glass inside each of the gold wire cells. Several firings in the kiln set the glass and let the dimensions shine forth. Yes, I taught myself from a book of masters who created this centuries-old art form “CIoisonne”. As a very curious type I explored on my own, and developed distinctive new techniques, which have contributed to my unique enamel jewelry. My work stands out because of this and I have made it my own.

Dedicate to creating cloisonné jewelry and sharing what I’ve been fortunate to learn and develop. I teaching this fine art to help others bring their dreams and ideas to life. I am not afraid to share. Artists, can grow faster when we share, this brings all to a higher level. My one-on-one classes in my studio allow my students to focus on their own needs, learn in less time, and grow.

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