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Abstract Art Cloisonné Cufflinks in 18K Gold

Abstract Art Cloisonné Cufflinks in 18K Gold

What If Pollock Made Custom Cloisonné Cufflinks?

If the famous abstract art expressionist, Jackson Pollock, would have created his own 18K gold cloisonné cufflinks, he might have created something like these.


But, these are my creations.


Though many of my enamel jewelry designs are inspired by concrete ideas, like ocean waves or dolphins, this one is more abstract. It’s also a mosaic of colors, something that you wouldn’t often see in many executive offices. But on something as small as cufflinks, it adds just the right amount of color to deem one king of fashion.


Like all of my pieces, Abstract Management is made from high-end materials including 18k gold and vitreous enamels.


While women have a reputation as jewelry lovers, men love to ornament themselves as well. Envision a custom jewelry piece such as a tie tack, ring, pendant, or cufflink as part of your exquisite collection. Men’s cloisonné cufflinks are a wonderful way to set yourself apart from everyone else in a monochrome three-piece suit environment.

An Abstract Art Process with Cloisonné as the Perfect Medium

This job began with a brief consultation. My client wanted me to handcraft something distinctive and unique. He also wanted something full of color and movement. After I drew a few ideas, we settled on the pair of cufflinks inspired by abstract art that you see here.


Cloisonne enamel was the perfect medium for this commissioned item. But, even if the design looks indiscriminate, they were not easy to create. The color red, visible in the corner of both cufflinks, is one of the hardest to achieve in enamel.


After I finished, I placed the handsome set in their 18k gold setting.


Want a Pair of Customized 18K Gold Enamel Cufflinks?

If you’re looking for an exclusive pair of cufflinks, I can design it for you. I’ve been creating men’s custom enamel jewelry for years. It’s my passion and life’s work. Place a custom order to have your very own design.



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