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Abstract Pendant in Cloisonne

Abstract Pendant in Cloisonne

I am willing to go to great lengths to ensure my clients are satisfied with their custom cloisonne jewelry. And, this abstract pendant is proof of that.

My Design Process for this Abstract Pendant

While other custom jewelers might require you come with a design in mind, I’m willing to help you develop one. In fact, I savor any opportunity to pull out my sketchbook. This fact was demonstrated perfectly in the development of this abstract custom enamel pendant.


My client did not come to me with a particular concept in mind. She just wanted an artist who could take a look at her décor and use that knowledge to create a unique piece of cloisonne jewelry. After a brief interview, we scheduled an in-home consultation. During the tour, I was able to pick out the kind of art and décor she enjoyed.  Her home was soft, with a few bright colors here and there. The home was also filled with elegant furnishings and abstract art.


With my notes in place, I began hashing out some designs. After some back-and-forth, the client and I settled on the custom cloisonne pendant you see before you.

The End Result of this Stunning Cloisonne Jewel

Meant to bring to mind a number of things, including a mountain and a rocky shore, this piece lacks the hard gold outlines common to much of my work. Though it’s definitely made from the same 18k gold, I opted for softer, subtler lines and lighter enamels over eye-catching solder. Set into a squared-off teardrop frame, this abstract enamel pendant can be hung from a necklace, bracelet, or key ring.  Though I’m not sure how my client ended up displaying this miniature cloisonne pendant, she was over the moon with the end result.


If you’d like to join her, head over to my Custom Order page and fill out the form. All it takes is a quick consultation and a few minutes of your time. Whether you’re looking for abstract cloisonné or a beautiful pair of custom wedding bands, I have you covered. But, if you’re just looking for something you can wear tomorrow, and have no real design in mind, I’d suggest checking out my shop instead.


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