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Angelfish Cloisonné 18K Gold Custom Necklace Pendant

Angelfish Cloisonné 18K Gold Custom Necklace Pendant

I made this 18K gold and cloisonné Angelfish custom necklace pendant in 1994, a time that I spend a lot of time in the ocean as a certified, master diver. Much of my work reflects this time in my life when the ocean was my happy place.

Angelfish and Their Colorful Masquerade

Angelfish are one of my favorite sea creatures, though I admit, I love almost all sea life. Angelfish hide so well with the reefs that it’s a rare, but splendid encounter when divers see them. It’s often a chance happening when it occurs. 


It will usually occur just as the often-striped fish venture out that divers see them in their full splendor, with vibrant, striking colors. It is then you can understand how well they blend in with the patterns and the shadows of the reef, almost offering a camouflage effect.


The grace and elegance of angelfish are mesmerizing. They may seem shy at first but are quite bold and fearless. I learned this when they were unafraid to come up to us as we explored the ocean. They seemed just as curious about us as we were about them.


Because they made such an impression when I visited their world, I had to create a cloisonné jewelry piece that paid tribute to the beautiful angelfish of the seas.

This Cloisonné Pendant is a Snapshot of a Moment That Stood Still

I can remember my encounter with the angelfish as if it were yesterday. Time stood still as we breathtakingly took in the awesome beauty of these sea creatures. So, when it came time to draw them out and bring them to life, it was an easy feat.


As I painted the final enameled touches and set the pendant in its solid gold frame, I knew this would be a custom necklace to be treasured and worn close to the heart.


The final paragon was this dazzling cloisonné pendant that reproduced the ocean reefs and tranquil waters of the Pacific Ocean. Of course, the cream of the crop was the Angelfish as the centerpiece of this custom jewelry piece.

Enamel and 18K Gold Are Just the Mediums in This Necklace. What Makes it Special is the Meaning Behind It.

Let’s be honest. You can find 18K gold and even enameled and cloisonné jewelry in nearly any jewelry shop. But what sets apart my custom necklace and enamel jewelry is the collective vision of my clients and own life experiences. This is what allows a jewelry maker to become an artist.


That’s what I set out to do with this angelfish pendant. To create a jewel that won’t be replicated anywhere else. Something that means something to the wearer of the jewelry.


I’d love to create your unique necklace pendant, or even a ring or earrings. A custom jewel that has your name on it. Wouldn’t that be lovely?


All you have to do is contact me with your custom request and it shall be done. And it’s great to know that you’ll be helping the environment I’m so passionate about because I donate part of my sales to protect the world we live in.


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