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Enamel Earrings That Are Truly a Wonder to Behold

Unique in both silhouette and construction, these stunning award-winning enamel earrings are one of my favorite pieces.  Athena is made from only the finest materials, including 18K gold and striking blue garnet.


In place of my typical gemstone dangler, I employed a cone-shaped piece and sunburst rim. Symbolic of victory, I sourced my inspiration from the French revolution.


These earrings are an ode to early jewelry. They remind me of the breathtaking beauty from the Georgian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco eras.

Athena is an Award-Winning Design

I’m a cloisonné expert, but perhaps you’d like proof? These enameled earrings were the winners of two awards. My design captured first-place prize in the 2004 SNAG conference and the Spotlight piece for the American Craft Council. Here’s what one of the jurors for the former, Tim McCreight, had to say about Athena:


“This elegant construction exemplifies everything that makes Cloisonné enamel jewelry special.  The materials chosen, high karat gold and garnet, are rich with the warm tones, deep shine, and understood rarity that makes any object desirable. The composition contains numerous circular references through the overall disk, the cone-shaped stones, and the groupings of spheres around the perimeter.  Achieving all this in a compact object, and then making that object a functioning accessory for adornment is at the center of the jeweler’s art.  In the end, or perhaps it is the first thing, this jewelry is wonderful to behold.”

Do You Want an Award-Winning Jewel of Your Own?

Perhaps you’d like your own custom jewelry piece that’s reminiscent of the days of Marie Antoinette?


Perhaps you would like enamel earrings that display a crown? Or maybe your very own gold and enamel snuff box would make you the envy of your friends?


Whatever you fancy, nothing’s out of reach for this artist. I can make your custom enameling dreams a reality.


Visit my portfolio to get some ideas or take a look at some of my enamel pendants. I hope the next award-winning piece is the one I make for you.



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