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Awakening Bird of Paradise 18K Gold Vertical Enamel Custom Pendant

Awakening Bird of Paradise 18K Gold Vertical Enamel Custom Pendant

Any flower lover understands that the Bird of Paradise bloom is worth waiting for. As its blooms slumber, the flower lover quietly anticipates its return. And when it does, it’s as though the flower awakens and bursts with life. That’s why I had to name this 18K gold vertical custom pendant Awakening. This gorgeous enamel jewelry piece says it all.

Inspired by the Beauty of Bird of Paradise Flowers

There’s no doubt that Bird of Paradise flowers is a favorite of many garden lovers, including myself. When I experienced the lush tropical forests of Hawaii, I found that the flower was prolific in the tropics. As a cloisonne and enamel jewelry artist, it was a natural inspiration to design a custom pendant featuring the colorful plant. The bright opal-Esque background contrasted against the rich bold colors was captivating, to say the least.


The green enamels used naturally reminded me of the namesake feathered creature. The flow of the orange enamels showed curvature and depth of the actual botanical. I set the pendant in 18K gold and adorned it with fire opals and green Tsavorite Garnet gems. The entire canvas of art conveys warmth, beauty, and joy.


What do you think of this one-of-a-kind custom pendant?

Does this Vertical Custom Pendant Inspire You? Do You Want Your Own 18K Gold Enamel Jewelry?

I can do a dozen different Bird of Paradise designs and each would be a unique jewel for you.


The process of enameling is as old as glass itself. But, don’t let the antiquity of the art fool you. While pieces can be drab or look traditional, the jewels I create are full of color and life. Plus, I create only fine jewelry that’s almost always trimmed in 18K gold. It’s also great to know that the fine art of enamel jewelry has seen a resurgence and is more desired than ever.


That’s good news for me as a jewelry artist. I take custom orders as my time allows, focusing exclusively on each order until they’re completed. When I’m designing jewelry, I love to give my undivided attention to the process of creating.


Do you have a custom pendant in mind? What would you have me design on your jewelry canvas? Whether it’s a classic oval canvas or a vertical one, I promise it’ll be stunning. Message me with your custom creation idea and I’ll put your order next in line.



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