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Bird of Paradise Wedding Rings

Bird of Paradise Wedding Rings

Proof that Love Can Bloom

I created these beautiful gold and diamond Bird of Paradise wedding rings way back in 2009. While current trends lean towards plain wedding rings, my clients wanted custom couples jewelry with a bit more character and meaning. The result, while not enamel, showcases my metalworking abilities.

What Gave Birth to the Idea of Birds of Paradise Wedding Rings?

These custom wedding rings were designed by my clients. They had rough ideas of what they were looking for. I was able to implement their drawings into a working design that suited their individual personalities.


But out of all the flowers in the world, why did they choose the bird of paradise? This couple had met and fallen in love in an area where these beautiful flowers are favored.  And, unable to resist its charm, they decided to add it to their wedding rings.


The choice of a single diamond was not a meaningless one either. It stands for the spark of the beautiful child that brought them together. While marketers try to sell you on this year’s newest trends, this couple wanted something that truly represented them. A unique piece that they could cherish for a lifetime.  And, as a lover of unique and meaningful jewelry, I couldn’t agree more. These pieces are truly jewelry gold.

Commission Your Own Couples Jewelry or a Pair of Custom Wedding Rings

Whether you want custom wedding rings, promise rings, or something altogether different, I’m your artist. I can use enamel or more traditional materials, including gold and precious metal.


I’ve been a jewelry maker for decades and know how to satisfy my customers. If you want the ultimate experience in your custom jewelry design, visit my shop or place a custom order.



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