Plique a Jour



Impatiens are one of my favorite spring flowers. Creating this Blue Rhapsody impatiens necklace was high on my list as a jewelry artist. It’s one of my plique a jour custom jewelry pieces and one of my most stunning enamel creations.

Impatiens in Blue are a Rhapsody to the Flower Lover’s Soul

The blue variety of impatiens is a rare but spectacular sight. I was fortunate enough to have these blue gems growing in my own garden. This led to the inspiration for designing this Blue Rhapsody necklace.


If you’re fortunate enough like I’ve been to bear witness to their blooming, your inner flower child will leap for joy. For when impatiens offer their spectacular display, a sea of flowers is the result. Thousand of petals can easily cover a relatively small area.


When it came time to create my enamel impatiens necklace in 2009, deciding on the color was easy. It had to be blue. I’d had other colors of impatiens in my garden, but blue made an impression. Impatiens in other colors are a dime a dozen, but blue, now that’s something quite special. 


I also wanted a slight departure from my traditional enamel and cloisonne jewelry. I decided on using the plique a jour method for this enamel jewelry piece because I knew I wanted light to illuminate this jewel from back to front. Plique a jour is a perfect choice because there’s no backing – just translucent enamels that radiate light and enhance your jewel. Plique a Jour literally means to allow the light in.


I set the necklace in 18K gold and added blue topaz stones to accent the necklace.

Plique a Jour Enamel Jewelry is One of My Great Passions

We’re not supposed to have a favorite child, but I have to admit that as a jewelry maker, plique a jour is close to my heart. I have many passions and this is one of my greatest.


Designing and creating enamel jewelry is what I love to do. I’d love to add another plique a jour jewelry piece to my flower garden of creations. Will your custom jewel be my next piece? Just send me a request


In the meantime, check out another lovely jewel from my garden of flowers.


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