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There are few things more exciting than sitting on the shorelines watching the giant breaching whale soar through the air and land back down in the ocean waters. I had to create a handmade cloisonné jewelry pendant to capture the raw power of the humpback whale.

The Adventurous Journey of the Breaching Whale

The Humpback whales of the North Pacific ocean arrive in Hawaii from November to May. The whales leave the frigid waters of Alaska in autumn to find refuge in warmer waters. They do so to mate, give birth, and nurture their calves. 


The 3,000-mile journey can take up to six-weeks one-way for the humpbacks to reach the shores of Hawaii.


Once here, the breaching whales have better underwater visibility, fewer predators, and a variety of ocean depths to explore. Is it any question why they choose Hawaii?

Combining Loves to Create Handmade Cloisonné Jewelry

I’m an artist and a water sports enthusiast. It’s easy to see how I could blend these two loves to create the handmade jewelry I do today.


During my time on the Hawaiian Islands, I’ve had the privilege of viewing the beautiful breaching whales, the Humpbacks. Even if they don’t have your full visual attention, you can hear them slap their tails on the surface of the water as you sit on the lanai.


The visual memory and reverberating sounds of the breaching whale will be imprinted in my heart and mind as long as I live. It is experiences like this that led to me creating handmade cloisonné jewelry that will last a lifetime.

I’d Love to Create an Oceanic Jewelry Pendant for You

The breaching whale is a beloved ocean animal, so admired by many. Though I’ve already created this custom jewelry piece, the good news is that I can create a hundred more, each distinctive and set apart from another.


I love the ocean and all of the life within it. I’d love to create an amazing cloisonné enamel necklace to honor your favorite ocean animal. What will it be? I can’t wait to find out. Let’s get your handmade jewelry piece started










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