Champleve Butterfly Enamel Pendant Custom Jewelry

Champleve Butterfly Enamel Pendant Custom Jewelry

This enamel butterfly’s journey started with a letter:

“Hello, Patsy,

After 35+ years I lost my favorite necklace. It was a gold enamel pendant, a small enamel butterfly attached to a fine gold chain.  I wore it daily and only removed it for special occasions.  It was given to me by my grandmother before she died in 1981.


Would you be able to make me a custom enamel butterfly like this? It was in the shape of a butterfly and about 30mm x 12-15mm in size.  It was quite thin, not more than a few mm. The coloring was mostly blue, gold, and orange.  Would you be able to make this type of small jewelry?  The enamel butterfly was lost earlier in the month and I am devastated.


I can tell by your work on the website that I will be more than satisfied.”


With a story like that, I couldn’t say no. Thanks to the details the client provided, it didn’t take me long to design this enamel butterfly pendant.


The resulting pendant is made from 18K gold and vitreous enamel. I added small hooks to the wings of the enamel butterfly to make hanging easier. Wrapping it in layers of paper and bubble wrap, I shipped it off to its new home. A few days later, I received this:

“My jewel arrived.  She is my spirit guide and her name is Ava.  She will be near my heart until it stops beating…


Thank you for helping me bring her to the physical plane. My butterfly guide was lost and now is found… and all is well in the world.


Thanks for everything, Patsy.”


Honestly, that letter’s worth more to me than all the money in the world. While I love making custom enamel pendants, I really enjoy making customers smile.

Looking for an Enamel Pendant of Your Own?

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