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Completed in 2004, CHRYSALIS BUTTERFLY ENAMEL EARRINGS is one of my earlier butterfly jewels. My initial custom jewelry designs lacked the double-sided enameling and unique silhouettes that are common in my later earring pieces.

The Chrysalis is a Thing of Transformation

Just as a caterpillar transforms into a chrysalis before it emerges as a full-fledged butterfly, so did my one-of-a-kind jewelry creations.  


These Chrysalis Butterfly Enamel Earrings jewels stand out thanks to their color scheme and carefully thought out design.


Light and simple, yet unique describes these artisan earrings that can be worn daily. These butterfly earrings are accented with blue topaz set in 18K gold. And, yes, red enamel to complete the design.

Inspired by the Story of the Butterfly

Butterflies are a creature steeped in symbolic meaning and mysticism. They tell a story, about themselves and of life in general. They are a living embodiment of the change we go through over the course of our lives. 


While most of my pieces show the butterfly in profile, I decided to do something a little different with Chrysalis Butterfly Enamel Earrings.


Much like the many perspectives in life, the full picture of these enamel earrings is only clear when both sides are brought together. When coupled this way, it’s easy to pick out the beautiful red butterfly against the vibrant backdrop.

Tell Your Story With a Pair of Custom Enamel Earrings or Jewels

Butterflies? Dragonflies? Toucans? What symbolically represents how you view life? What tells your story?


It doesn’t matter what it is, your story can inspire me to create any style of art. After all, I’m an artisan jeweler with a vast imagination.


Maybe you’d like your own butterfly jewelry design? Or, maybe you have something altogether different in mind?


Share your ideas with me and head over to my custom work page to place an order. Otherwise, you can consider taking one of my one-of-a-kind shop pieces off my hands.


Be unique. Be vibrant. Wear custom jewelry created only for you by me.



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