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The Bird of Paradise flower is the Queen of the garden. The client I made this cloisonné Bird of Paradise necklace for certainly felt like a queen when I delivered this magnificent jewel to her.

The Bird of Paradise Doesn’t Go Unnoticed – And Neither Will You

The bird of paradise exemplifies joy and Utopia, or paradise itself. It represents love, faithfulness, and thoughtfulness as well. It’s no wonder many Romeos throughout history have bestowed bird of paradise gifts to their Juliet.


In some climates, Bird of Paradise flowers don’t emerge often and aren’t as prolific as other flowers in the garden. But when they do make an appearance, it’s a spectacular sight that enthralls its admirer. 


The sophisticated woman understands that it’s not how often she calls attention to herself, but rather what kind of impression she makes. She’s true to herself, confident in her ways, graceful when she speaks, and stylish in her attire. 


And, she loves placing that final touch of adornment that will get her noticed, often a personal ornament or custom jewelry piece, such as this Bird of Paradise enamel pendant necklace.

Unique Cloisonné Jewelry Customized for the Unforgettable Woman

This Cloisonné Bird of Paradise is a fine representation of fine enamel jewelry. Skillful placement of ribbons of gold wires formed the Bird of Paradise image. 


Then layers of colorful enamel were laid over the gold wiring and a pure silver base. Repeated firings were necessary to achieve the pristine depth and beauty that radiates from this custom jewelry piece. 


When the firing was complete, the cloisonné pendant was set in 18K gold and adorned with a Spessartite garnet. 


This quintessential jewelry piece was also created so that the backside could be worn as an alternative to the enameled pendant. When worn reversely, the jewel is visible as a solid gold necklace with the Bird of Paradise impression covering the reverse side.

Contact Me to Commission Your Own Enamel Pendant Necklace

Want to make a personal statement with a unique, one-of-a-kind pendant necklace? Or, are you the modern-day Romeo wanting to WOW your Juliet and make her feel like a queen?


If you want a customized Bird of Paradise jewelry piece to call all your own or have another design in mind, you’re in the right hands.


I’d rather be humble but the truth is that I’m one of the most esteemed names in custom cloisonné and enamel jewelry.  I can create a custom jewelry piece that will be noticed by all. You will feel like the queen you were born to be.


Simply contact me and we’ll begin the process of creating your very own crown jewel.





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