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I sought to capture the Circle of Life in this cloisonne necklace pendant that features the dolphins of the sea. It reminds us of the fragility of life and that life and the world we live in is sacred and divine. 

This Dolphin Necklace Pendant is a Beautiful Representation of the Circle of Life

Dolphins represent balance and harmony. They also symbolize protection and resurrection. Some would say these all contribute to the circle of life. 


As life gives to us, we are to give back. We are all responsible for the world we live in and in a way, for each other. Most importantly, for those who can’t defend themselves – the animal life of our world. 


The dolphin is among my favorites. I grew up with images of dolphins wherever I went. My mother adored them and placed pictures of them throughout our home.


Between my childhood and my time in the ocean as a diver, it seemed fitting that the dolphins that were so much a part of my world made their way into my artwork. Though I began my art career as a pen and ink artist, I’d later turn my attention to creating custom cloisonne jewelry.

Custom Cloisonne Jewelry Became My Passion, Alongside My Passion for Ocean Life

I created this cloisonné dolphin jewelry piece in 1999, many years from the fond childhood memories I hold dear in my heart today.


Two primary colors lent to the creation of this custom jewel. The beautiful deep blues and greens of the ocean were all that were needed to get the silhouetted effects I strived for. I selectively chose the virtreous enamels needed to complete my work, then set the pendant in 18K gold.


When I dived the vast blue-green oceans of the Pacific, hundreds of dolphins often swam past me. It was truly an ethereal and mesmerizing experience.


Dolphins are a precious and integral part of our beautiful world. We owe them so much. Unfortunately, many species of dolphins are endangered today. I believe we all bear a responsibility in caring for our oceans and waters, for our generation and the future of our children. And for the aquatic life that is so innocent to man’s destructive ways.


I vow to keep their memory alive, in my heart, and when designing my custom jewelry. I like to think that when I create a handmade piece of jewelry that honors these gentle creatures, it brings awareness of the importance of all life forms that lay deep within the ocean waters.

What Animal Life Would You Honor in a Custom Made Pendant?

We all have a certain type of animal life that we’re fond of. Some of us love the animals of the ocean, while others are cat lovers, dog lovers, or bird lovers.


Whatever it is, I’d love to create a custom jewelry piece that you would hold dear to your heart, figuratively and literally. With a cloisonné necklace pendant, you can have a design of your choosing.


It’s as easy as sending me a request here on my website, then I’ll contact you to design your custom jewel asap.






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