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A Magnificient Spring Garden of Lilies

I created these Lilium flower earrings back in 2004. In their design, I hoped to capture all the vibrancy and beauty of spring. My spring celebration brought to mind wedding celebrations. I paired these lily-inspired cloisonné enamel earrings with a matching necklace. Together, they seemed perfect for a beautiful bride in a spring garden. I designed these artisan earrings with an 18K gold setting, 2 pink tourmalines, and a blue topaz marquise.

A Few Words About My Design and Inspiration for Lilium

Who doesn’t think about flowers in the spring? When the birds start chirping and the flowers bud, who can stop themselves from smiling?


That refreshed feeling and vibrancy is what I set out to capture in these earrings. Deciding to leave behind the concrete for the abstract, I blended bright pink, blue, yellow, and green into my own version of a flower petal. All of this is framed in a fine gold setting.


What really sets this custom jewelry piece apart, however, is the placement of the gemstones. In most pieces, I lay the gems on the earring’s hook or solder them on as a dangler. In this instance, I built them into the design itself.

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Much like the lily that inspired these earrings, the blue topaz seems to be growing from a field of golden earth. This design decision is what gives these cloisonné enamel earrings their unique silhouette.

What Do You Envision Your Own Custom Cloisonné Earrings to Look Like?

Some artists like to live in their own creations. Many artists scoff at the notion of someone else telling them what to do and what to make. Luckily, I’m not one of them.


The creative process of a true artisan allows a bit of collaboration and teamwork. Your own vision can come alive as we work together to make your own custom cloisonné earrings a reality.


Tell me what you want and place your order. I’ll work with you and take your feedback to heart every step of the way.


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