I decided to call this cloisonne Hawaiian jewelry piece “Hawaiian Song”. The stunningly detailed 14K gold pendant necklace encompasses the beauty of the islands. 


The music, beautiful ladies, dance, island culture, and native customs — these are all the epitome of the Hawaiian way of life. Together they form a rhythm and a dance that is all woven together and interconnected. I hoped to capture all of these things in this Hawaiian jewelry piece.

Diving Into The Symbolism of This Hawaiian Jewelry Piece

The tropical island woman is the prominent feature of this custom cloisonné pendant. She is a beautiful example of the grace embodied by the Hawaiian women of the islands. 


Her classic mumu dress and flowing hair fashioned with tropical flowers and leis were just the beginning. I wanted more symbolism that defined the Hawaiian culture. And what would be better than an instrument that exemplifies the rhythm of the island — the Ipu?


On the weekends, the Hawaiian ladies often gather on the seashores to play their ipu as families enjoy bonding together over picnics.


The Ipu literally gives Hawaiian music its beat. The music of the islands is such an inherent part of its culture. As the hips of hula dancers make their rhythmic, circular movements, it is the Ipu that supplies the tempo.


But the Ipu does so much more than produce the pulsing melodic sounds that the wind carries through the islands. Hawaiian natives use the gourds of the Ipu for medicine, food, ceremonial traditions, and all that is woven into Hawaiian life. Because of its cultural importance, I had to incorporate it into the design of this Hawaiian jewelry piece.

This 14K Gold Enamel Pendant Necklace Was Destined to Be Magnificient

I first painted my iconic Hawaiian woman in watercolors. Then it was time to begin the process of creating a unique cloisonné jewelry piece.


I entered my goldsmith studio and used my watercolor prototype as a guide. Using 24K gold wires, I outlined and formed the picture that would come to be Hawaiian Song.


Just as I painted the watercolors on the canvas, I painted enamel onto the fine silver and gold jewelry piece. 


Gently guiding my Japanese paintbrush, I placed the enamel colors into each gold cell using only three grains at a time. As I did so, I created the depth and movement you would expect to see in a custom jewelry pendant that personifies the Hawaiian culture.

Transforming Enamel Necklaces and Jewelry Into Masterpieces 

Van Gogh would never create two paintings that are the same and neither would I


The unique culmination of this Hawaiian jewelry piece is something I strive for every time I enter my studio. You won’t find this design or any others I create anywhere else. Creating one-of-a-kind cloisonné and 14K gold jewelry is truly my passion. 


What are you passionate about? Have you thought of having a jewelry maker create a pendant necklace that is representative of something important to you? I’d love to make it my next masterpiece.


All you have to do is send me your request. Then, together, we’ll create a unique and special cloisonné jewelry piece. 


I pledge a portion of all my proceeds to a number of conservation and environmental causes that are important to me, including Greenpeace, Jean-Michel Cousteau, WWF, and others.



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