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The only thing better than cloisonne jewelry is a cloisonne necklace with beautiful hand-painted calla lilies, don’t you think? When it’s a custom jewelry piece made just for you, it’s the icing on the cake.

Spring and summer and all of the beautiful flowers during that time bring such beauty. I had to create a custom necklace and enamel jewelry piece with a calla lily design as part of my Spring jewelry collection. This gorgeous piece is set in 18K gold.

Calla Lilies May Be The Belle of the Garden, But This Custom Jewelry is Wearable Art

Calla Lilies are the Belle of the Garden to me. They’re elegant, stately, and simply magnificent! And, even though they’re not true lilies, they’re the showstopper in my garden. It’s no wonder they’re one of the most popular flowers used in weddings. They’re simply exquisite!


As a jewelry designer, I love capturing the things of life that soothe my soul and create cloisonne necklaces and other jewelry that represent them.


I also enjoy making enamel and cloisonné jewelry, for then I’m not simply using fine metals as a medium. I’m creating an art piece using the colorful enameling that is so striking to the eye. When I paint a picture in enamels, I know it’s an heirloom that will be cherished and will last forever.


And, just as the calla lily captures the attention of its admirers visiting the garden, so do jewels like this custom necklace and the wearer of my enamel jewelry pieces. 

What Sets My 18K Gold Cloisonne Necklace Apart? 

My jewelry has a type of sophisticated artistry you won’t find anywhere else. I can offer superior craftsmanship with unique designs that are truly works of art. Whether it’s a cloisonne necklace, enamel earrings, or a showstopping bracelet, I do it all!


You’ll be proud to wear these stunning jewels. You might even feel like the Belle of a Ball when you wear my enamel jewelry. And what’s great about my cloisonné jewelry is that it’s sophisticated enough to wear to the most extravagant occasions but subdued enough to wear anytime the mood strikes.


My clients love telling the story of how their jewels were made just for them. Every woman wants to feel special and unique. I can create a similar piece to this Calla Lilies enameled necklace, but something distinctive that’s all your own.


Let’s talk about your favorite flower and how we can turn one of your most fond loves into a custom jewelry piece. You might also prefer to bring one of my unique jewels home sooner. Browse my shop to see what’s available.


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