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It was an absolute joy to create this cloisonne pendant necklace. The hummingbird is one of the most beloved feathered friends to soar the majestic skies. When I created this hummingbird jewelry piece, I decided to call it Tiny Dancer. The name seemed fitting because of the whimsical aerial dance the hummingbird is happy to perform for us.


As their wings beat dramatically and their acrobatic movements have them zipping to and fro, one cannot help but admire their breathtaking beauty.


Hummingbirds are tiny birds, yet so strong. It’s also surprising to learn that as colorful as the diminutive creatures seem to the naked eye, we often don’t get to visualize their full splendor and beauty.


The wings of the hummingbird have a stunning prism effect when captured through the lens of a camera against the backdrop of the sun. When this magical thing happens, time stands still for a moment.


I believe hummingbirds are one of God’s most divine creatures. The cloisonne enamel jewelry artist in me had to create a hummingbird jewelry piece to honor this exquisite avian creature.

The Dance of the Hummingbird Captured On My Custom Jewelry Piece

When I decided to design Tiny Dancer, I knew one thing right from the start. I’d have to create him with his wings stretched high towards the heavens. It is this way we see hummingbirds in their full glory.


I painted each layer of enamel to render the bold and brilliant colors that would do justice and pay homage to the little birdie.


The reds of the flowers in the pendant depict my passion for our beautiful and colorful planet. The tranquil blue skies reflect my own feelings when I bear witness to the power and magnificence of the hummingbird. I have so much reverence for this tiny bird.


I added a dangling garnet below the piece for a final touch, then set the cloisonne jewel in 18K gold. The swaying garnet represents the flight of this intrepid avian.

What is Your Favorite Bird? Honor it With a Custom Cloisonne Necklace or Pendant.

The great thing about my custom jewelry is that it’s unique and something you won’t find a duplicate of anywhere.


I can paint hummingbirds a million different ways and will be happy to create a special cloisonne hummingbird jewelry piece for you.  I can also paint other types of birds or something altogether different. The important thing is that it’s a custom jewelry piece that speaks to your own heart.


I’m also not limited to doing only necklaces or pendants. As a cloisonné jewelry maker, I can also do earrings, cufflinks for men, and even an enamel box to keep your jewels protected.


What do you have in mind? Let’s brainstorm together and make your vision happen. 



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