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Cloisonné Jewelry at its Finest

I created this set of coral reef Oceanic cloisonné earrings that represents the time I spent as a diver in the coral reefs.


This custom cloisonné jewelry set contains nothing but vitreous enamels, fine silver, and 22k gold. The enamel in these earrings is a striking testament to the delicacy of our ocean. Yet, they are also a witness to their cooperation and permanency and our obligation to protect it.

The Perfect Harmony of Ocean Life Inspired These Coral Reef Earrings

As an advanced diver, I spent a lot of time in the reef witnessing the behavior of beautiful fish, urchin, starfish, and coral. It’s amazing how they interact, flowing and moving like a single organism. It was this interconnectedness that inspired me to create these custom enamel earrings.


First, I went into my studio and painted my design with watercolors. I made sure that the colors were vibrant and complementary. I wanted them to symbolize the feelings of love and protection that I wanted to convey.


Then, I went to my goldsmith studio, and using fine silver, fused my 24k gold wire lines, creating cells to fill in with color.  My Japanese paintbrush, with its long delicate bristles, collected three grains of enamel color at a time, as I painstakingly built up the colors into this roiling sea on the reef.


Set in 22k gold, with starfish and fish on the backside, these cloisonné earrings are beautiful reflections of our oceans.

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