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The dolphins of our seas are extraordinary beings.  When I decided to create an OOAK cloisonné pendant in 2002 to honor them, I decided to name my dolphins necklace Echo because of the sounds they make to communicate.

A Lot is Going on When Dolphins Echo Through the Waters

It’s no secret that dolphins are one of the most intelligent of all marine life. Sound is highly important to dolphins because it helps them to identify objects that can be far away.


Dolphins are hyperaware of their surroundings. They create a clicking sound in the water, where it then bounces off the object they’re curious about, and the sound reflects back to the dolphin as it echoes through the waters. 


Once the dolphin processes the information sent back, it creates an acoustic image of the object.


Dolphins also communicate with one another through whistles and trills. Momma dolphins also whistle to their newborn so that her offspring recognizes her.


Scientists even say that dolphins communicate in large groups to one another. Their method of communicating is so sophisticated that it even has scientists baffled. 


What is so amazing is that many dolphins are blind, yet they thrive due to their acoustic and sonar abilities.

Creating This OOAK Cloisonné Dolphins Necklace

In the process of designing and making my OOAK jewelry, I think of each jewelry piece as a canvas, much in the same way a painter does. With cloisonné enamel jewelry, the lines of my drawing are made by laying out 24K gold wire and fine silver. Therein lies my “canvas”.


Then, I’m ready to paint my subject with vibrant, colorful enamels to add depth and contrast. But mostly, I set out to convey something with meaning. 


During my water excursions in Hawaii, dolphins swam past me like trains going by. During this creation, I saw these same dolphins come to life before my eyes. This imprint resonates with my heart because dolphins are such beloved creatures to me. And they had to be the focal point of this piece.


I also had to capture the sparkling, crystal blue ocean — my friend and the soul of our world. Reflections of a mosaic of colors hidden within the vast waters that make up the Earth. Timeless and steadfast. Beauty that literally holds the world at its shores, beckoning us to take care of Mother Earth and the precious life within.


When my Echo dolphin pendant was completed, I set it in 18K gold to preserve its beauty.

My Next Custom Jewelry Pendant Can Be Yours

The excitement I feel when it comes to my custom jewelry creations can’t be described. My jewelry art is a great work of love for me as are the many subjects I seek to create. I love creating oceanic jewelry as much as I love creating one-of-a-kind (OOAK) pieces.


Best of all, I love creating a timeless pendant or other enamel jewelry piece that has meaning to someone else. It’s a gift to be able to deliver something so precious, especially where portraits of animals and our beautiful world are concerned.


I strive to bring awareness to the fragility and awe-inspiring nature of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. In fact, I support environmental causes with a portion of my earnings.


What would you like me to paint on your jewelry canvas? Would you like your own dolphins necklace? Whether it’s an ocean-inspired piece, a floral masterpiece, or something else, I can surely do it for you. Send me a request and let’s begin on your custom jewel today.





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