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Elegant Beauty Yellow Rose Cloisonné Jewelry 

Elegant Beauty Yellow Rose Cloisonné Jewelry 

This Elegant Beauty cloisonné jewelry pendant was one of my greatest commissioned pieces. It celebrated the love shared between a husband and a wife. A single yellow rose was the focal point of the necklace, which was finished with an iridescent glow that brought the custom jewel to life. I completed the piece with a faceted golden yellow sapphire at the base of the pendant.


Though not pictured, this piece also had a red heart artistically crafted on the back that wasn’t part of the original order. I surprised the happy couple with the iconic symbol of love.

The Elegant Beauty of a Single Yellow Rose

Every woman loves roses, right? But, there’s something quite special about a single rose, in particular, a solitary yellow rose.


Yellow roses have a surreal beauty that is unsurpassed. In Victorian times, a yellow rose actually signified jealousy. Fast forward to the modern world and yellow roses mean something altogether different.


The gift of a vibrant, yellow rose means jubilation, intimacy, harmony, and affection. The yellow rose is also a symbol that says ‘remember me.’  A single rose can convey thoughts that no word can express in quite the same way. Its beauty leaves an impression that is lasting and meaningful.


The client who commissioned this cloisonné jewelry piece was a husband who wanted me to create something special for his adoring wife.


During the concept phase of our project, the husband shared with me his affection for his wife. He mentioned that he called her his ‘yellow rose’. It wasn’t hard to settle on a custom jewelry design after that.

How Would You Celebrate an Everlasting Love? Let’s Put it Into a Cloisonné Jewelry Design

It’s such a pleasure to be part of something extraordinary that makes my clients smile. The yellow rose cloisonné necklace was just one of many unique jewels I’ve created. When I captured its elegant beauty with my enamels and paintbrush, I created something to be loved and treasured forever, just like its inspiration.


This is why I enjoy creating custom jewelry. All artists want to make something that has never been made before. It’s something that just makes the artist’s heart quicken and helps them feel alive.


And while most concepts are nothing new, the application and final jewel is a distinctive and rare piece created through the imagination of the client and the artist. This Yellow Rose pendant is a true one of a kind masterpiece.


If you want to celebrate your everlasting love, send me a custom jewelry request. And, if you can’t wait to shower your love with an extraordinary jewelry design, visit my shop.


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