Cloisonne Jewelry



If you love the ethereal beauty of a stained glass window, then you’ll love this Bird of Paradise necklace that was created in 2010. The enameling technique in my Plique a Jour jewelry differs from my other enamel jewelry pieces. Allow me to explain.

Light Lends to the Vibrancy of This Ethereal Beauty

Most of my cloisonné and enamel jewels are set in a solid gold base. However, with Plique a Jour, there is no backing or base on the underside. This allows light to pierce the jewel and offer a translucent effect. It’s as though the light is coming from another world and lends a whole different quality to this custom jewelry piece.


Indeed the vibrant and bold colors of the Bird of Paradise flowers painted onto the pendant resembles a miniature stained glass window, similar to all the magnificently colored windows seen in the great cathedrals around the world

No Enamelist’s Portfolio is Complete Without Bird of Paradise Jewels

I’ve had the pleasure of creating multiple Bird of Paradise jewelry pieces during my time as a jewelry artist. Each is distinct from another and each is a beautiful work of art. This one features transparent enamels offset with a beautiful opal enamel frame. The result was an exquisite plique a jour jewel that is a delight for the eyes.

During my early enameling and goldsmith career, I was fortunate to call Hawaii my home and experience the lush tropical forests and ocean vistas.


Once surrounded by tropical flowers, I chose a favorite – the Bird of Paradise. The green enamels in my jewel are captivating and a nice contrast to the opalesque framework. The greens are reminiscent of the feathered counterpart of the botanical.


The flow of the orange enamels are fiery and display the curvature and depth of the actual flower.


Set in 18K gold, the one-of-a-kind artisan signed necklace had another ornamental detail – fire opals and green tsavorite garnet gems to complete the piece. The entire canvas of this work of art conveys ethereal beauty, warmth, and joy. 

Plique a Jour and the Fine Art of Enameling Necklaces

The process of enameling jewelry and the plique a jour technique is as ancient as glass itself. Yet, the crafts have been experiencing a resurgence of late. And I’m at the helm of this exciting art and am one of the top enamelists today.


Very few jewelry makers are at the forefront of this ancient art much less even know where to begin. The techniques are technically challenging and very time-consuming.


Nonetheless, when a passion stirs inside the jewelry artist’s heart, it can’t be extinguished. Art is art and this artist lives to create. And I’d love to create a plique a jour necklace or other custom jewelry piece for you.


In fact, let’s create it together! Send me your request and I’ll design and make an enameled jewel that captivates your heart. If Bird of Paradise is your favorite as well, don’t fret. I can design the colorful flower in many different ways to ensure that you receive a unique jewel. And really, can there ever be too many Bird of Paradise flowers? I don’t think so.



Plique a Jour, Spring