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My Fish of the Ocean pendant is one of my favored Fine Enamel Jewelry pieces. And further inspires me to create custom enamel jewelry for you.

Lover of the Ocean  

I’m both a jewelry maker and a thalassophile — a lover of the ocean. This is probably why I create so many pieces that are representative of the ocean and the life that’s hidden within. 


For six years, I lived near the magical shores of Hawaii. I loved watching the ocean waters kiss the shoreline.


During my stay in the Paradise of the Pacific, I spent a lot of time in the Hawaiian reefs, going offshore diving with my friends.


My journey into this vast wonderland allowed me to observe the fascinating and wondrous creatures that lay beneath the waters, as well as those that crawled the sandy shores and easily returned to my studio to create Fine Enamel Jewelry.


I was mesmerized as I swam with fish off all kinds — triggerfish, snapper, sharks, scorpionfish, parrotfish, and endless sea of gilled creatures. Big fish and little fish. In the ocean, I was one with the aquatic life I so admired. 


Did you know that scientists say there are more than 300,000 species of life underwater? It was a breathtaking experience to see many of these creatures in action. 


The ocean is truly the heart of our world. 70% of the oxygen we breathe is due to the ocean and marine plants. When you realize that most of our Earth is covered by the ocean’s waters, it’s a humbling realization that we literally owe the ocean and its lifeforms our lives.

Inspired by Fish and Ocean Life

I didn’t have to look far for inspiration of this artisan jewelry piece. I created a two-sided high-end pendant that could be worn on either side.


On one side, I handpainted jazzy fish of different colors and sizes. On the other, a turtle exploring its way into the ocean waters from the side of the shoreline. Of course, I had to include a palm tree in the distance because what would tropical life be without one?


I was particularly pleased at how the textured gold part of the pendant that represented the sandy beach turned out.


The enamel and gold pendant was set in 18K gold and topped with three sapphires. All in all, a stunning replication of ocean life.

What Inspires You? Put That Thought Into a Timeless Pendant Necklace Design.

As a jewelry artist, I love to create custom enamel jewelry that derives inspiration from our world’s natural beauty. I’m committed to creating Fine Enamel Jewelry that is timeless, beautiful, and lasts for generations to come. I love the thought that my jewelry art might become a cherished family heirloom and tell the story of its benefactor.


I also love that women enjoy setting themselves apart with my one-of-a-kind custom enamel jewelry pieces. 


My art jewelry is much like traditional art, where one paints on a canvas. But, my art involves enameling on metal, a much more intricate and delicate art form. 


My art pieces are appreciated for their appeal as unique gifts and expressions of ourselves. That’s the beauty of my handcrafted jewelry — they’re thoughtfully designed with the wearer in mind.


Take a peek at my ocean portfolio pieces to see if something strikes your fancy. Perhaps you’d like a similar piece that’s more customized for your personality? Or, perhaps you favor something that’s more botanically-inspired?


Whatever inspires you, I promise I can create a custom enamel jewel you’d be proud to wear.  Let’s talk about your own unique vision of what inspires you.



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