Cloisonne Jewelry



Haleakala Necklace is a cloisonne jewelry piece created by Patsy Croft. It belongs to Tropics collection of amazing enamel jewelry with unique jewelry designs.




Living in Hawaii, this majestic dormant volcano is a force of nature that is not to be ignored.  It towers above all, ever-present, and powerful.  Legend says that the demigod Maui lassoed the sun for his mother, so that she could weave and dye her cloth and have it dry within the span of a day.  When I first heard that story, I thought it such a beautiful myth that it needed to be recreated in metals and vitreous enamels = a cloisonné enamel jewel.


I labored at my watercolors, getting just the right hues and the proper lines to bring it to life.  I wanted to make sure that my Haleakalaā piece conveyed the power of the dormant volcano, yet still reveal the life that continues on this majestic mountain.  The flow of my lines shows the life that is moving; the vibrant colors depict the glory of each plant, animal and sea life that surround this spectacular mountain.  Once I had the drawing and painting just right, I entered my goldsmith studio to begin the process of creating cloisonné jewelry.


Using my drawing and painting as a guide I drew the picture with the 24k gold wires.  The painted watercolors on the canvas, became the enamels on the fine silver and gold piece.  By using my Japanese enameling brush, and only 3 grains at a time, I placed the colors in each gold cell, careful to create depth and movement.  This unique jewelry design is found nowhere else.  Being able to create enamel jewelry that is one of a kind gold jewelry is my passion.


But more importantly, I hope this piece of gold enamel jewelry raises a sense of awareness in you, of the fragility of our precious environment.  For Haleakala is a one of a kind mountain.  This passion of mine is so deep that I have made a pledge to donate a portion of my all my proceeds to Green Peace, Jean-Michel Cousteau, WWF and AAAS/Science.  If you’d like to read more about Haleakala, you can go to this link: or this link:




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