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A Hibiscus by Any Other Name

These Hibiscus enamel custom earrings are a double-sided cloisonné jewel. As you might expect, they were inspired by the tropical flower, which is native to Hawaii.


These flowers, known for its show blooms and bright colors, have inspired a lot of my Hawaiian jewelry pieces. Featuring an 18K gold setting and beautiful ruby dangler, this piece was one that helped me step out of my comfort zone.

Enamel Jewelry is a Challenging But Rewarding Process

I created these hibiscus earrings at a client’s request. My client travels for work and in getting to know her, this design came to mind. While beautiful, it was both feminine and not overly ostentatious these custom earrings will be just prefect.


After she approved my design, I got to work. The fact that she already had a custom jewelry collection made me a little nervous. Hoping to impress her, I set out to do something a little different.


I had grown tired of my jewels that showed beauty in one direction only. So I was excited to make these double-sided earrings.


The front design is an abstract art form of the flower budding before opening. The back is a beautiful open flower Hibiscus, in my client’s favorite color, red. Not many women can wear red, but with her beautiful blonde hair, these are a true compliment.


The result, featuring two different crimson-and-black blooms and a ruby dangler, is the stunning enamel and gold earrings you see. The more closed bud paired against the open flower also kind of reminds me of yin yang philosophy. What do you think?


To ensure she could take these beautiful enamel earrings on the road, I made a matching travel box.

Want Your Own Pair of Custom Enamel Earrings?

If you’re looking for custom jewelry that’s beautiful and unique, you’ve come to the right place. I can make enamel pendants, earrings, rings, or just about anything kind of jewel you’d like.


I am an award-winning enamel jewelry artist with years of experience creating beautiful jewelry.


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