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A Beautiful Flower Like a Hibiscus Deserves a Beautiful Keepsake Box

This traveling jewelry box was made to complement the gorgeous pair of Hibiscus earrings I created. Like the earrings, this gold and enamel box was inspired by the beauty of the hibiscus.


Though I’d love to create more jewelry boxes, I haven’t yet had the opportunity. Could you be the client that fulfills my wishes?

A One-of-a-Kind Traveling Jewelry Box is a Rare Gem

This custom enamel box was made at my client’s request. As a frequent flyer, she needed something to keep her custom cloisonné earrings from getting covered in toothpaste or lost in her bag when traveling.


This piece was made to be beautiful just like the showstopping earrings I created, but without looking like something out of an aviary. Though many people love the hibiscus for its vibrancy and showiness, this client adored its simple elegance. With a few sketches completed, I turned it into her for final approval.


Though there are many artists that can make custom jewelry for women, there are few who’d dedicate so much time to designing what many consider a throwaway piece. But, much like the pearl deserves the oyster, all jewels deserve a beautiful, safe place to call home.

How Would You Like Your Custom Jewelry Box Designed?

I love creating unique pieces and I’m excited by the prospect of making another keepsake box for your jewels.


Do your grandmother’s gold earrings or vintage jewelry need a new place to call home? Are you looking for a shrine for your custom enamel wedding bands?


Stop by my Custom Work page and let’s make your dream jewelry box a reality.


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