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Elton John may have made Island Girl a household name in the 70s, but I really can think of nothing more fitting for this Hawaiian Jewelry piece. After all, nothing personifies the islands more than its native island girl – the hula girl. She also has a faithful companion – the Humuhumu. Together they are the icons of the Hawaiian islands. This boldly colored enamel necklace is one of my earliest custom jewelry pieces and also one of my favorites. Is it no wonder I chose it as the logo for my jewelry design business?

An Island Girl and Her Fish

I had so much fun creating this enamel jewelry piece. I’ve been fortunate to have many great adventures diving the deep oceans of Hawaii. As I’ve done so, my numerous encounters with the colorful fish seen here have been extraordinary experiences.


Islanders know this fish as the humuhumu nukunuku apua’a. Let’s say that again! Well, even though it’s fun to say, you might rather call it by its common name, the triggerfish. I simply call him Humuhumu.


I loved my time in the sea watching these fish in their natural habitat. They brought so much delight to me that I knew I had to create an extraordinary jewel to capture the spirit of the humuhumu.


I knew, however, that the hula dancer is the essence of the islands and could not be overlooked. With her long, flowing hair, timeless beauty, and iconic grass skirt, she is a graceful portrayal of the wind and waves that are so characteristic of the islands. The island girl had to be a big part of the necklace that is meant to capture the spirit of Hawaii.


I wanted this Hawaiian jewelry piece to be an eye-catching piece, rich and bold in colors to celebrate the exciting and adventurous Hawaiian way of life.

Which Icons Would You Like to See in Your Custom Jewelry – a Hawaiian Piece or Another Enamel Jewelry Creation?

I’d love to get to work in my studio and create something for you. Is there a way of life you’d like to celebrate? 


I’m a renowned cloisonné and enamel jewelry designer. I can create a gold necklace for you with a stunning and unique enamel pendant that you will appreciate.


Also, because I’m so passionate about our environment, I pledge a portion of my proceeds from each sale to the World Wildlife Fund or the American Association for the Advancement of Science.


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