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If Spring had a soul, it would dance in jubilation at the appearance of canna lilies in its midst. This custom pendant captures that thought in a unique cloisonné necklace that’s bursting with life and color.

The Flower Lover Finds Jubilation in Canna Lilies

The cannas were well-loved during Victorian times and had a prominent placement in the formal garden. Its statuesque nature and gorgeous flowers that resemble irises and lilies are a definite garden showstopper, just like this cloisonné necklace pendant.


The canna lilies today are more likely to be a hybrid of the earlier flowers. With that, the blooms struggle more to reach their full potential. But, when the canna is victorious, it takes center stage and the flower lover finds jubilation in its beauty. As the cannas dress the garden, it reveals itself as one of God’s masterpieces.


The hummingbird delights in its sweet nectar of tubular flowers. The flower lover rejoices at its magnificence. And Spring welcomes it into its midst, beckoning it to stay a little longer before the summer whispers it to sleep.


As cannas bask in glory under the crimson sun, it finds admirers and onlookers holding their breath at such stately beauty. I hoped I captured these thoughts in my enamel cannas jewelry piece.

This Cloisonné Necklace Was a Labor of Love

Let me be real. All of my custom jewelry pieces are a labor of love. I created this cannas necklace in 2005 using the same medium as most of my work – cloisonné enamel. The very cannas that populate my own garden were the inspiration.


This enamel cannas pendant is a statement of who I am in an art form. I’m so thankful I can use my childhood love of drawing and art to create beautiful jewels.


The final touches of the lively colors which formed the cannas of my jewel canvas were a round pink tourmaline, blue topaz, and a pin tourmaline marquise stone. The jewel was sealed in 18K gold.

What Would Your Custom Pendant Say About You?

My jewelry work has allowed me to express myself while expressing what others are passionate about. What statement would your own custom jewelry piece make? What are you passionate about?


My passion is creating natural artifacts of life – flowers, animals, the ocean, and the things of the Earth. And, I’d love to design and make a special jewel that is not only meant to adorn you but speak to your heart. 


What will it be? Let’s set up a custom order appointment and get it started.



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