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A Spring Lily Carnival Brought to Life

I created these enamel earrings in 2006. They were inspired by my love of spring and my fondness for the lovely canna lily. In creating these, I wanted to help you remember the sounds of birds chirping, the carnival of blossoming flowers, and the brilliant first bloom of a garden against the stark contrast of a slumbering winter garden. I’m hoping anyone wearing these earrings would feel like Persephone herself. This custom jewelry set was created from high-end materials, including 18k gold and pink sapphires.

Inspired by the Early Spring Blossoms of the Canna Lilies

I’ve always loved spring. It’s a time of renewal and new beginnings. With its beginning, we trade in the cold, harsh bite of winter for something gentler. The scent of fresh grass and flower blooms fill the air.


I drew my inspiration for this custom jewelry commission from the thoughts and feelings that the first spring blossoms bring me. That’s why I chose to layer these cloisonné earrings with bright blues, pinks, and oranges.


Why did I draw inspiration from the canna lily, in particular? First, it’s closely tied to the Virgin Mary and resurrection. Second, because of its trumpet shape, it’s often used as a symbol of victory and triumph.


Creating these beautiful enamel and gold earrings didn’t begin at the goldsmithing studio. Instead, it began with a sketchpad.


After I decided to base my jewelry design on a canna lily, I roughed out a few sketches. Then, I drew the lines on fine silver with 24k gold. Finally, I filled it in with beautiful enamel and set it into its dangler-topped housing.

What Renews Your Spirit? Put That Thought Into a Custom Jewelry Set of Enamel Earrings

I’ve been creating enamel jewelry for decades and am confident in my ability to make you a custom jewelry piece you’ll love. Need some inspiration for your own enamel earrings?


Smell the earth and open your eyes to the beauty all around you. When you’ve got a design in mind, place a custom jewelry order with me. Or, if you just can’t wait to own a new handcrafted jewelry piece, pay a visit to my shop.


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