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Mandrill Cloisonne Pendant

Mandrill Cloisonne Pendant

Mandrill, a custom Men’s cloisonné pendant for Andre 3000, of Outcast.

Andre Benjamin of the popular hip hop group Outkast and Grammy Award winner in 2003 for his album “SpeakerBoxx”/The Love Below, called me after seeing my unique jewelry designs in an Atlanta jewelry gallery.

In celebrating his nomination for the Grammy, Andre was looking for a unique jewel for the occasion, a custom cloisonné pendant would be just the right choice to make his statement..

Andre 3000 mentioned several of his favorite animals including gorillas, mandrills, unicorns, and several  others. After presenting thumbnails paintings, Andre chose the cloisonné jewel, The “Mandrill”.

The Mandrill was spotted in XXL magazine and in the video for the song “Hey Ya” before this cloisonné pendant was stolen from Andre’s luggage while touring in Europe.

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Mandrill is a cloisonné jewelry piece created by Patsy Croft for Andre 3000. It belongs to a custom cloisonne collection of amazing enamel jewelry with unique jewelry designs.


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