Matilija Poppy Brooch

Matilija Poppy Brooch

The Matilija Poppy is made with the help of fellow artist coming together, in a stormy Jan of 2017, Ethan Herman, Diana Casaba, Nancy Gardner, Bob Weinstock, and John Cornacchia, lent hands to help Tom and Patsy to create this beautiful plique a jour jewel of 18k gold and fine enamels. Aprox. 3” x 5” After spending 2017 in Tom’s studio and 2018 in Patsy’s studio the Matilija Poppy is now on it’s way to NY to capture public attention.

Great news. Sotheby’s plans to auction the Matilija Poppy April 2019. Look for the Majestic Jewels Auction April  17, 2019.

In addition the Matilija Poppy will be shown at Sotheby’s Auction House in Los Angeles March 19 -20, 10-5 pm for viewing.  2029 Century Park E #2950 Los Angeles, Ca 90067 Come check it out!

Item B4ZN8- Matilija Poppy Brooch,Gold,Plique A Jour Enamel,Yellow and White Diamonds

Signed Thomas Herman & Patsy Croft + Fitted Case

Read more about this plique a jour jewel  here, check out more cloisonne jewelry or buy some of the unique jewelry pieces available in the shop!


Custom Cloisonne, Pilque a Jour

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