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“The Mighty Trees at Sunrise” Enamel Ring

“The Mighty Trees at Sunrise” Enamel Ring

Enamel Ring in 18k Gold, Hand Engraved, Chased, with Vitreous Enamels

The Mighty Trees at Sunrise is an enamel ring created by Patsy Croft. It belongs to a custom cloisonne collection of amazing enamel jewelry with unique jewelry designs.

Here the enamel jewelry piece “The Mighty Trees at Sunrise” represents three things the are a part of my daily life.

“Sunrise”, the waking of the day. We are all blessed with a new day. I am excited to see what unfolds each day, what experiences I get to see, share and be a part of.

“The Mighty Trees”, are so intriguing, they hold so much life and so many stories. They tell me the time of day, the season, the wind, and they always have visitors. I am a diver and the seascape underwater is similar to that of the landscape. If I can sit on the floor of the ocean and look up all the fish and creatures swimming around, in and out of the coral is just like the birds flying around the trees.

Thirdly, this enamel ring was a custom jewel for a dear friend that shares the love of The Mighty Trees at Sunrise”.



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