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The Orchid Is Mother Nature’s Masterpiece

Orchid is a set of double-sided earrings I created from cloisonne in 2007. Much like the flower they represent, they are elegant and beautiful in their simplicity.


The Orchidaceae (orchids) is a diverse family of flowering plants second in size only to the Asteraceae (asters). There exist about 28,000 accepted species of orchids around the world.


Horticulturists have produced more than 100,000 hybrid strains within the orchid family of flowers. They’re powerfully symbolic and serve as the city flower of Shaoxing, the national flower of Venezuela, and the state flower of Belize.


While people typically think of orchids as colorful flowers, I wanted to highlight the beauty found in the white and red ones.


Representative of my custom jewelry pieces, this pair is made from high-end materials. In this case, 22K gold and crisp, enamel coatings.

Double-Sided Earrings That Offer Two Perspectives

The design of this orchid is not the only thing that sets them apart from my other works. Both sides of the earrings feature a picturesque enamel design.


Though it seems easy enough on the outside, perfecting this technique took years of experimentation. One side displays the bee’s perspective of a white orchid. The other, the only drop of red in the sea of white and blue, shows a red orchid pushing its way through the snow.

Want Your Own Artisan Enamel Earrings?

Would you like a similar pair of double-sided earrings or another unique flower jewelry creation? Or, are you in the market for something completely different?


Either way, I’d love to be your artist? I have spent years creating beautiful unique artisan-made jewelry for my clients.


Take a peek at my shop and see if there’s something you like.


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