This cloisonné parrot was a custom jewelry piece that I created for a client. A husband wanted to gift his wife with a good luck traveling icon to keep her safe during her travels. This enamel pendant was the result.

This Parrot Was a Love Offering From a Husband to His Wife

Part of what I love about my work is that I never know what will be the next amazing project. My client, a lovely gent, spoke of his wife’s travels. And, though she loved to travel, it was tough for them to be apart.


He wanted an icon that would bring her good luck and return her home safely. Since the parrot is known in Eastern cultures to bring good fortune and good luck, we thought this enamel pendant was a fitting design.


My client expressed how his wife found appreciation in the beauty of the skies as she jet-set on her trips away from home. He fondly remembered her recounting how she’d peer out the window, noticing how the clouds sailed across the sky. Some were bathed in sunlight with crimson tinges. Some white like floating snow. 


From time to time, the blue sky would come out to play. And then below her feet, the earth and its beauty.


The result was this cloisonné custom jewelry piece. On one side, a colorful parrot to bring her good luck on her trips so she’d get back home to her husband safely. On the other, a perfect representation of her visions from the window of her jet as she traveled.


The jewel had a pendant loop and a pin on the backing so she could wear it as a brooch. The piece was loved by both.

What Story Would Your Enamel Cloisonné Custom Jewelry Piece Tell?

We each have a story of our life that is worthy of being shared. What icon would tell your story? What type of custom jewelry would you have me create to tell your story?


I could simply create cloisonné jewelry like every other enamel artist out there. But, I love creating jewels that are storytellers and works of art. Jewelry that is unique to the people wearing them.


That’s what I set out to capture. It’s who I am as a jewelry artist. I create unique jewelry from my clients’ visions and bring their ideas to life. The end result is happy clients. And, I love to see my clients smiling from ear to ear in disbelief that I’ve delivered exactly what they described. It’s an incredible feeling that not only makes my clients happy. It makes me happy.


Do you want a custom jewel that is unique to your life story and high quality? You’ve come to the right place. I can create a jewel that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Let’s get your artist-signed, commissioned jewelry piece started today.


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