Cloisonne Jewelry



I created this Peach Fest Hawaiian jewelry pendant for a beautiful lady who was from the North Shore of Hawaii. She requested a custom made enamel jewelry piece for her personal collection. Since her nickname was Peach, I didn’t have to think hard about what I would design for her.


Peach had a kind, sweet personality and loved the beach, so I thought I’d bring those two things together and the result was this lovely enamel pendant.


Palm trees, the tropical sunset, a sandy beach, and ocean waters flowing to meet the shoreline are all fused to create an oasis of blue and peachy tones. Peach Fest. I think this is indeed a festival of sorts. It’s a celebration of Peach and her love for the beach. This is what gorgeous cloisonné jewelry looks like.

Sweet Magic Happened When I Fired Up This Enamel Pendant

The process of creating Peach Fest was nothing short of magic. I began making this Hawaiian jewelry piece by forming cells with the 24K gold wires. This is the framework that allows me to gingerly place layers of vitreous enamel within the cells to form a pattern. And, that’s how the art of cloisonné begins.


Firing the wire is a tedious and time-consuming process, but well worth it in the end. I fire each layer in a kiln at approximately 1400 degrees for about 60 seconds.


Each enamel jewelry creation I make has a different firing time. The size of my custom jewelry pieces determines how long it takes to fuse the enamel. Warmer colors burn easily so they demand extra attention.


It takes many hours to form the 24K gold wire, paint the cells, and fire the piece to create the image desired. I pay close attention to my firing time because then I’d have to start over. And no one wants that! 


The magic in this cloisonné pendant happens just before the jewel is pulled from the kiln. At that point, the layers of enamel look sandy like a delicate sugar coating on a confection in a patisserie. 


But as the colors slowly cooled and the piece was removed from the kiln, the creation I envisioned appeared like magic! Once the enameled design was finished, I placed it in an 18K gold setting.


This process isn’t just making Hawaiian jewelry — it’s fine art, just as you’d see in a museum.

Don’t Chance Your Custom Hawaiian Jewelry Piece to Anyone Else

It takes years of experience to amass the kind of enameling expertise that allows you to predict what the powdery particles of enamel will look like once firing is complete. 


It also takes a visionary to understand exactly what type of jewel a client hopes to receive as their final product.


Custom Hawaiian jewelry is one of the top requests I get in my work as a cloisonné jewelry maker. My love of the ocean, the islands, and the environment make me the perfect fit to create the tropical scenes so loved by many.


I can create enamel pendants, earrings, rings, even travel or jewelry boxes. Just message me with your request and I’ll make it happen. And, if you’re just too stoked to wait, feel free to browse my shop for a one-of-a-kind piece of enameled jewelry that has your name on it.


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