Cloisonne Jewelry

“Peach on the Beach” Enamel Pendant

“Peach on the Beach” Enamel Pendant

Cloisonne jewelry – enameled fine art set in 18k gold.

Peach on the Beach is a cloisonne jewelry piece created by Patsy Croft. It belongs to a custom cloisonne collection of amazing enamel jewelry with unique jewelry designs.

This custom beach scene in cloisonné enamels was created for a beautiful lady from the North Shore of Hawaii.  Her nick name Peach which resembled her kind sweet personality and the love of the beach brought a design to mind quickly when I was asked for a hand made enamel jewel.

Several renderings later the design was set in my mind as I began. The art of cloisonné continues with the forming of 24k gold wires to create cell with will hold vitreous enamels. The wire firing can be quite tedious, but well worth the time. Once these tiny wires are laid in place I can slowly add layers of enamel in each cell. Less than a millimeter high each layer is fired in a kiln approx. 1400 degrees for maybe a minute.

Each enamel jewel I create has different firing times because the size of the enameled jewel determines how long it will take to fuse the enamel. Warm colors as I have mentioned before demand careful attention to firing time as they love to burn! After many hours forming the tiny 24k gold wire and slowly placing and firing them in the flux layer to create the image desired no one wants to start over! So I pay close attention to my firing time.

The magic lies in this level of completion. Each layer of enamel is in place, they look all sandy, like a sugar coating on a sweet. But when the enamel jewel is pulled from the kiln and slowly cools the colors in your mind appear! Only years of enameling can you completely predict what the powdery particles of enamel will look like after firing.

Peach on the Beach in Cloisonné Jewelry

1″ x 1.5″ set in 18k Gold



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