Plique a Jour

Pitcher Plant Plique A Jour Jewelry 3D Art Pendant

Pitcher Plant Plique A Jour Jewelry 3D Art Pendant

This Enchanting necklace pendant was my first adventure into the fabulous 3D art of plique a jour jewelry. A pitcher plant is not the most common botanical that many jewelry artists would use as the subject of their creation. But I knew it would turn out to be a stunning necklace once I had designed the 3D pendant.

This Enchanting Pitcher Plant Casts a Spell on its Admirers

Who knew that something so beautiful could be so wicked and beguiling? Well, the plant is anyway! The horticultural variety of the pitcher plant fools its prey. The pitcher-shaped leaves seduce insects into its realm. The plant’s purplish leaves capture the insects that find their way into the tubular leaves and then devours them. It sounds like an enchanting fairy tale to me! One with a sorcerer who casts a spell on unsuspecting intruders.


But that’s only the story of the plant that was my inspiration for this jeweled beauty. There are no sorcerers in this story. 


I wanted to create a similar design as the pitcher plant and turn it into a pendant that would enchant and enthrall its onlookers. Not only did my necklace have to be exquisite, but I also wanted a 3D effect where light would permeate and have an otherworldly art glass design. Plique a jour had to be the technique for this work of art.


Plique-a-jour is French for ‘letting in daylight’. Plique a jour is similar to cloisonné but has no backing in the final jewelry piece. In this way, light shines through the transparent or translucent enamel, creating an alluring and breathtaking custom jewel.


The green and purple glass effect of this enameled piece were just the beginning. I trimmed this jewel in 18K and 22K gold. Finally, I accentuated the pendant with a pistachio colored Tahitian Pearl to lend to its exquisite beauty.


What do you think? Do this necklace and its pendant cast a spell on you?

Creating Enamel Necklaces and Pendants Through 3D Art is Any Jeweler’s Dream

But, unfortunately, not every jeweler can do it. Luckily, for my many clients, I can. And, I love to capture nature and the things of beauty, like this enchanting pitcher plant necklace. I use classic techniques and turn them into contemporary designs.


Our society often deems so much as dispensable. I enjoy creating dazzling, one of a kind jewels that I know will be around forever, to be handed down to the next generation.

For unique, brilliant, and timeless jewels, there’s one name that rings true – Patsy Croft. I stake my reputation on it.

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