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My Rays of Light is an enamel custom jewelry pendant that is one of many I created for my Ocean collection of cloisonné jewelry.

Stingrays Are Indeed Rays of Light

Swimming with stingrays is such a joy. They are elegant and undulating like the waves of the ocean. 


I love observing them on top of the water, blending in with the curves of the land and sea. They become one with their surroundings and blend in so well. Stingrays are curious sorts and will usually follow the lead of other life around them.


If you are fortunate enough to spot one buried in the sand, take note of their eyes because they’re mesmerizing.

I decided to commemorate these fabulous rays in a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece that shows how I view them. I see them as rays of light that can bring so much hope just by their very existence. 


Amidst all that surrounds them — the ocean, the landscape, the sun, and other ocean and land animals — the stingray seeks harmony. The world could benefit from following the lead of the stingray.

In the Studio Creating This Custom Enamel Pendant

I first drew my stingray pendant design where I would find the most inspiration — on the beach. Using pen and ink, I guided my fingers as I held my drawing tools and sketched my design.


It was important to me that my design was fitting with my idea of the ray being one in the Web of Life. I positioned the stingrays flawlessly within the contours of the hillsides and ocean waves. Once they were sketched out, it was time to take my idea to my goldsmith studio.


I used layers of enamel to give the design dimension and synchronicity. Once it was picture-perfect, I set it in 18K gold. The result was this stunning cloisonné custom jewelry piece that is like no other.

Creating Custom Jewelry is My Passion. And I’d Love to Create One for You!

With my work, I’m honored to do two things I’m passionate about: Create unique enamel jewelry customized to my client’s request. And create custom jewelry that brings awareness to our environment because I love the earth we live in. I can’t think of anything better than blending these two passions.


Take a look at my other ocean-inspired jewelry and see if something appeals to you. We can create a unique jewel similar to those or something completely different. I also have several unique cloisonne jewels in my shop that are ready to wear.


A portion of my sales goes to helping environmental causes.




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