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It’s always great to have a chance to create men’s custom jewelry  as well as women’s I call this men’s enamel pendant Ride the Waves and in looking at the beautiful handpainted surfer scene, it’s obvious why.

Riding the Waves is Also a Spectator’s Sport

Surfing doesn’t just bring joy to the surfer themself. When I lived in Hawaii, I was privileged to see hundreds of surfers ride the waves. 


Some of these waves were 30 feet or more in height. During the fall and winter, I could feel the earth move as the tidal waves piled along the shoreline. I was awestruck at seeing not only the power of the ocean, but the surfers who conquered those majestic waves.


I always favored watching a surfer ride those powerful waves at twilight. It was during this time that the fiery sunset could be seen reflecting from the coolness of the blue ocean waters that made up the waves. 

This Enamel Pendant Was a Challenging But Rewarding Process

Drawing the surfer on this enamel pendant was a bit challenging because I had to use the tiniest lines imaginable. At the same time, I had to create enough depth to give a small impression of his movement. I also needed to ensure that he clearly stood out against the backdrop of the enameled canvas.


This custom jewelry piece reflects the colors of the tropical blue ocean waters and the sunset oranges and yellows. The stunning contrast resulted in a gorgeous cloisonné enamel work of art. It took many layers of enamel to get the right dimension. I wanted to create the movement of the water and the reflection of the sun as it dances on the waves.

I Would Love to Create More Men’s Custom Jewelry

If you’d love your own men’s custom jewelry piece, whether a pendant or a ring or something else, I’d love to be the jewelry artist to do it.


My unique jewelry designs can’t be found anywhere else. My work is truly my passion as are pieces that exhibit my love for the environment. It’s so important to me that I’m committed to donating some of the proceeds of my sales to Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society.




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