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Every once in a blue moon, Serendipity smiles upon me. Someone who’s a kindred spirit will purchase one of my custom jewelry pieces. That was the case with this butterflies necklace I created in 2003. This one has a gorgeous painted butterfly enamel pendant that is full of color and life.

Serendipity is Always a Nice Surprise

This butterfly necklace is one that I had for sale in my online jewelry gallery. I painted this beautiful enamel pendant because of my love for nature and butterflies.


I love how butterflies dance and flit from blossom to blossom, excited by what life brings it. The butterfly is always happy. Have you ever noticed that?


A wonderful customer named Amy purchased this piece from me after seeing it on my website. Apparently, butterflies are her favorite winged insect. After talking with her, I had already felt like I connected with someone whose soul loved nature the way mine does.


But the serendipitous discovery was that we both had the same nickname — Sunshine. My childhood nickname was Sunshine and people at her workplace call her Sunshine as well. She shared how people called her that because she smiled and was happy all the time. Just like the butterfly.

The Painted Butterflies That Connected Two Souls

I love it when life seems to whistle in the wind, and calls our name, letting us know that we’re part of this great, beautiful universe and that somehow, we’re all connected. What a beautiful thing that is!


Here’s part of what Amy had to say about this painted butterfly enameled pendant:


“I got it! It is SO beautiful…I will take good care of it, and I know I will enjoy wearing it. Butterflies are my favorite. It has such depth and the colors are wonderful. You are so talented. Thank you for sharing a part of your story and your talent with me…Thank you again, Amy”


I love making my clients smile! I could feel Amy’s joy as she conveyed her feelings.


Because I have such love for these gaily-colored flowers of the air, it was easy to capture their essence with my paintbrush. Three winged flowers, each a different hue, each beautiful in its own way. I like to think humanity is the same.


Once I set the finished jewel in 18K gold, I suspended a peridot from the bottom of the pendant to represent how carefree the butterfly is.

Would You Like Your Own Enamel Butterfly Necklace or Pendant?

Just as no two butterflies are the same, neither are the handpainted jewelry pieces I create. I can paint a thousand different butterfly necklaces and each enamel pendant would be different, capturing a rainbow of colors and sizes, just like the butterflies seen in nature.


And I know when I create a jewel for my online gallery, serendipity will come calling again and the jewel will find its way to the right person.


I’d love to create one of these jewels for you. Send me your request on my custom form and we’ll come up with a design together.



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