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The Beauty of the Sun Revealed

I created these beautiful double-sided enamel earrings in 2007. Though more abstract than some of my other works, this handcrafted jewelry piece had a definite inspiration. Sol Fusion double sided enamel earrings represents the beauty of the sun as seen up close, revealing all its splendor and beauty. All of my custom jewelry is unique, rare, one-of-a-kind finds, designed and made by me. And each piece of jewelry is made from extravagant materials. In this case, that means gold custom earrings and rare Mexican garnets that add finishing touches to the high-quality enameled design. I’m enormously proud of this particular piece.

What Makes Sol Fusion So Special?

I spent many years experimenting on the process that led to creating these beautiful enamel earrings. The time was well worth it to show and share something so unique, that will last many lifetimes. You might be wondering what’s special? Let me explain.


First, this is a standalone unit. Not an enameled piece that needs to be placed in a setting. When artists create a setting, many of them struggle to mount a piece of enamel without cracking it. Then they have to remove it and repair the cracks.


Sol Fusion double sided enamel earrings however, was handcrafted with a process that allowed me the ability to mount directly onto a 22k base. This makes these custom earrings incredibly unique, even among my own work, which are all rarities. Second, these aren’t just enamel earrings. They are double-sided earrings. And, that’s not something you’re likely to find in any jewelry store.

Want Your Own Custom Pair of Double-Sided Enamel Earrings?

Hire me as your enamel artist. It’s that simple. I do so much more than abstract work. From celestial scenes like Sol Fusion to penguins to tropical scenes to insects and flowers, I do it all.


Double-sided earrings are my specialty and I produce quality work with quality materials. My custom jewelry makes a statement.


Be unique. Stand out. I can create the enamel earrings you’ve always wanted.



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